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I am So Desi…

Posted on 31 August 2009 by .

I am So Desi…

  • Every time I go out with friends, my mom says, “Stay away from water”, she thinks I will drown. I have been a swimmer since I was 5
  • I saw some desis gathering near the electronics aisle at Canadian Tire, my mothers starts dragging me towards them, “Hurry, something must be on sale!”
  • We have a 3-bedroom house, and every summer my relatives crash at our place. That’s 25 people living under 1 roof for more than a week!
  • Every time we have guests visiting Toronto, we go to Niagara Falls. That’s more than 10 visits per season!
  • Every time we tell our parents that it’s a long weekend and we should celebrate, they take us to the nearest mall.
  • Whenever we go out to dine, my mother starts saying, “I could have cooked a better meal at a cheaper price at home”
  • My friends bought the camping gear this season. We camped at Algonquin Park for 2 days, and returned the equipment when we came back.
  • My elder sister always gets new clothes, I have to do with the ones she can’t fit in anymore!
  • When my brother returns from work, my mother starts shouting, “Get up and give your brother something to eat!” I return from work 10 minutes before him.
  • Every time my 10-year-old brother misbehaves, my mother says, “Wait till your father comes home!”
  • Every time we have guests visiting, my father calls my 5-years old sister and says, “Beta, sing the poem you learnt at school.” She has been singing, “Twinkle Twinkle little star…” ever since she was 3.

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