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I Heard the Aunties say….

Posted on 31 August 2009 by .

I Heard the Aunties say….

  • An aunty saw me greet my husband and gave me this advice, “Never tell your guy you love him, you will lose your value.”
  • My friend got dating advice from an aunty, “Let the man come after you, you are the prize after all ;)
  • An aunty visiting our house told my 14-years old sister, “You should learn to cook quickly, what would your in-laws say?”
  • An aunty told my cousin on her wedding day,“Never let your husband think that your parents can financially help you after you are married, he will keep on asking for more.”
  • While cleaning my purse and throwing away old receipts, an aunty said to me, “Keep the receipts in a safe place, you need to return things that your husband bought without thinking.”
  • Giving advice on marriage, an aunty said, “Don’t be too nice to your mother-in-law, she will think you are plotting against her.”
  • Also, “your mother-in-law is your mother-in-law, don’t buy it if she says she is like your mother.”
  • An aunty “Don’t let your husband near his female friends, men are not to be trusted.”
  • “Your husband should work and provide for the family, stay home and enjoy your day, don’t go crazy finding yourself a job.”
  • “When your husband returns from work, tell him how tired you are because you have been looking after the house and the kids. Never give him a chance to say he works more.”
  • “Always ask your husband’s permission, good wives let the husbands decide and make them feel like a man.”
  • After 2 weeks of marriage, aunties start asking, “Is there a good news?” (That’s their way of asking if you are pregnant, YET!)
  • After throwing a party at their house, all aunties say, “I am going for a facial at the spa tomorrow, I need to get rid of the stress I have been in from last 24 hours.” I never knew cooking was so stressful.
  • While getting my arms waxed at a spa, the aunty sitting next to me said this after I said ‘Oouch’ a little too loud, “You think this is painful, wait till it’s your wedding night.”

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