Catholic High School limits Uniforms

Posted on 05 September 2009 by .

Perplexed by shrinking hemlines of skirts’, one Mississauga Catholic school insists that its female body wear black slacks. So starting this fall, all female students will wear black slacks. Kilts, whose varying lengths frustrated policing teachers as skirts were furtively rolled up or subject to guerrilla hemming, are henceforth banned from the uniform altogether. Under old uniform policy, Philip Pocock Secondary School’s female students could choose between black slacks and a plaid kilt meant to reach the knee. But starting next month, pants are the order of the day. Philip Pocock Principal Henry Tyndorf declined to comment, referring questions to Dufferin Peele Catholic District School Board communications manager Bruce Campbell. “The issue is primarily one of morality and modesty: Girls are just wearing the kilts way too short and it’s difficult to enforce,” he said. “You see a student and you have to approach them and say, ‘You know, your uniform is too short.’ … It’s just really difficult to enforce, and there’s way too much time involved. “We’re in the business of educating kids.”


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