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How Law of Attraction can work for you? Ask Reiki Master Neelu at

Posted on 25 September 2009 by .

You tell me Rohan what do you feel? Can you become a multi-millionaire? The question is not about anyone predicting it for you, but it is about you believing it first, Dreaming alone won’t do. First ask yourself, do I really wish to be a multi millionaire? When I say wish I am not saying wishy washy wishing but is it a burning desire, a desire of doing things differently.


By understanding law of attraction and by applying it you can put the odds on your side.

 Don’t just dream, have a burning desire:

To materialize your dream you need to let this dream sink in deep into your subconscious mind so that every act of yours, feeling and action sends out the message to the universe loud and clear that you deserve being a multi millionaire and the universe will do the rest.

Thank the universe for what you already have:

Start from thanking the wealth you already have; see it everyday, acknowledge it and be thankful for it; things can be small like the comfort of your bed, comfort of having warm water always ready for you, the computer and most important the god given body, perfect hands, legs, eyes just be thankful. When you are thankful the universe gets the message “ I have so much blessings and wealth in my life” and the universe says “So be in it” thus, bringing more your way.

 Make a vision board to remind yourself of your goals:


It is very easy to forget your dreams when you are busy making ends meet and caught in the rat race so it is important to keep reminders around, which act as catalyst. For that make a vision board as to what kind of a life you want, what does being a multi millionaire mean for you, cut and paste the photographs that are a representation of wealth for you. Write affirmations like “Wealth flows easily and abundantly to me,”  “Day by day in every way I am becoming better and better” and place them at places where you can see it easily and frequently. The trick is to say these words with passion and conviction.

Don’t wait, just act on it!

It is important to water this seed of desire everyday and do something to help it grow, everyday do some action regarding reaching your goal, anything that gets you inspired, don’t wait just act on it, universe loves speed, don’t worry you don’t have to see the whole way in one go, the way will show itself as you walk. Doing this act will reinforce your statement to the universe.

These things will take care of the thought, feeling and action part and rest is the role of the universe. If you are persistent and believe in yourself and want something truly and deeply the universe will show you the way and all you have to do is walk on it with conviction, I am reminded of a beautiful line from the alchemist “When you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

So dear Rohan just believe in your desire, act on it and the answer will flow to you, moreover, the universe is responding to you every moment, and you will surely reach your goal, till then Happy Exploring.

Wishing you Joy,


” know yourself and be free “

Ma Prem Neelu  Author: Ma Prem Neelu-is a Osho disciple with mastery in Reiki, Meditation and Law of attraction she will guide you to apply the law of attraction to your desires to make your dreams a reality. You can mail your questionsto

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