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All new 2010 Lexus IS250c Lexus’s 3-series clone follows up with a folding hardtop

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Why Paris, more than any other city in the world? What about Venice or Amsterdam or Seville, one might ask. Are not New York and The Hague home to at least as many international organizations as Paris? Have not Los Angeles and Bombay sparked as many fantasies? Why the boulevards of Paris and not the Ringstrasse of Vienna?
wheel1Night or day, Paris lives. It’s a city for lovers and a city to fall in love with. Every thing you do in Paris seems to be touched by the glow of romance, whether it is queuing for croissants or sitting on a café terrace sipping an aperitif and watching the world go by.
Hence, a perfect place for the launch of the New Lexus IS 250c; a romantic get away version of the boring Lexus brand. Can the new Lexus convertible live up to the glory of its birth place? With less doors and no roof, is it more car then the 4-door version?
wheel2Despite the fact that it has the fastest deploying three-piece folding hardtop in the world. It seats four, it has the biggest trunk in its class, it’s comprehensively equipped and its multi-adjustable and multi-ventilated/heated one-touch folding front seats are a work of a genius. It’s also powered by a 2.5-liter V6 that develops over 200hp and demonstrates appealing refinement. However, the Lexus IS250c fails to sparkle in any area whatsoever. It’s, umm, well, er, it’s okay. I suppose.
The promise is there. Only the IS250c’s hood, lamps, doorhandles and mirrors are shared with the sedan – it’s virtually a new body. However, three-part aluminum folding roof mechanisms are heavy and compromise appearance like a zit on a first-date teenager, hence the IS250c’s unbalanced styling.
The roof operation is smooth and quick (21 seconds) but I can’t help thinking the IS’s standard four-door profile with a cloth top would look prettier – and save weight.
With steel reinforcements in the pillars, trunk and sills, the IS250c weighs in at 1742kg – lardy, but comparable with a BMW 328i convertible. However, the Lexus is out-grunted by the BMW and out-pulled by the Audi A5 Cabriolet. And both Germans feel sporty when the driver turns off the boulevards, whereas the Lexus has no duality of character, it cruises and that’s it.
As a Lexus, the refinement is very high just as noise, vibration and harshness levels are low. Broken surfaces might send a few barely perceptible wobbles through the steering wheel, but nothing that will spill your Tim Hortons.
Like every Lexus, it packs a vast amount of standard-fit goodies in to the cabin. The front seats feature memory function, cold-air ventilation and backside and shoulder heating elements. So it’s good upfront, but rear passengers make do with upright seats and, with the roof up, mildly claustrophobic narrow glasshouse. 
But whereas the rear passengers are squeezed as in every convertible, your golf bags (two) will fit in the trunk….until you lower the roof. Then it’s just one.
I expected Lexus to build something amazing, something astonishing and go bizarre but they didn’t, and to me they have built something ordinary. The roof does come off, not because it can’t contain excitement within but because there is no excitement without.
Like, Paris has fulfilled its promise and many people’s dreams, will Lexus be able to live up to its promise of excitement? I guess, not. You cannot rationalize cars like these. It’s not something that you buy with your head, it’s something you buy with your heart, because you love them and who can justify love?


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  Author: Sohaib Zahid

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