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Thought, Feeling Action

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Ques:Hi Neelu
    I have question for you. I am learning stock market I haven’t opened account yet but I will soon. please let me know how do I apply law of attraction to make it work for me. Arun

Answer:It is said “As within so without” or “As you sow so shall you reap” this world is just a reflection of what you are inside, what are your beliefs, according to your belief you will get the results. This world is just a mirror and it reflects whatever thought, feeling you have.


Every person who starts stock trading first believes they are going to be the next millionaire and stops working for someone else and travel and live their life as they wish but it does not happen for all. Statistics is only 95% of the people in this trade are profitable. What you need to understand is what makes those 5 % different from the rest.

Every one has accesses to the same technical and fundamentals , but one thing that makes the difference is the belief system; that is what inspires one to take the winning trade while other ends up taking the loosing trade.

Our beliefs are the thoughts that have become a part of our subconscious mind and we act from those thoughts. If our belief about money are limiting then no matter what we do, we won’t be able to manifest abundance. On the other hand, if you feel money is easy and it flows easily to you then no matter what, you will always lead an abundant life.

Our beliefs are formed early in life. By the age of seven, 80% of our beliefs are formed.

Most of the time we are not aware of what our belief system is and it is very important to know them, bring them to the surface and clear them. This can be done through Reiki or Meditation

Start your day with mediation releasing blockages and becoming a channel for pure positive energy so that you are inspired from within to take the right steps.

Use affirmations (positive statements) like

  • I love the opportunities and the freedom stock market can bring to me
  • The universe or (any god name you strongly believe in) guides me in seeing the right opportunity and entering the trade at the right time with wonderful risk/reward ratio
  • I am a successful and profitable trader

Read these affirmations everyday morning and evening with feeling.

Everyday before starting your day trading Visualize that “ when I see the market I clearly understand the trend, the market motive and are able to successfully analysis the right entry and exit and making profit  everyday”.

Also learn everything you need to learn in order to master the art of trading. Do lot of practice, understand the markets deeply and make sure you profit in paper trading and also don’t forget to keep a log of all your trades so that you will be able to see your weaknesses.

While executing the trades it is very important that we do not deviate from the trading plan and wait for the right trade, for that learning Reiki and Meditation will be most helpful because if you take trades with awareness and patience that will provide you with more profitable trades otherwise you will end up pressing buttons oriented from fear and greed leading to losses.

These steps will take care of the Thought, Feeling and Action and when they are aligned the Universe will definitely answer.

So Arun get aligned and wish you happy trading.

 Ma Prem Neelu

Author: Ma Prem Neelu-is a Osho disciple with mastery in Reiki, Meditation and Law of attraction she will guide you to apply the law of attraction to your desires to make your dreams a reality. You can mail your questionsto

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