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Making a Difference on the Environment

Posted on 18 November 2009 by .

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (Cop15) this December is a great opportunity for Canada to show the rest of the world how serious we are about climate change and what we are prepared to do in order to reverse its devastating impact on our ecosystems.

There is a great deal of concern from scientists and other policy experts, however, that Canada is not pulling its weight to stop climate change.  A recent study by German insurance company Allianz SE and the global conservation group WWF puts Canada at the bottom of the list for having one of the world’s largest per capita emissions and failing to implement any program to change this. 

In fact, Angela Anderson, Program Director of the US Climate Action Network, refers to Canada, along with Russia, as “the bullies of the climate change process.”  Much of this comes from the development of the Tar Sands in Northern Alberta, a process which consumes far more energy than normal oil exploration.  But Albertans are not solely to blame here – Canada’s lacklustre record on environmental sustainability also results from our willingness to consume large amounts of energy. 

b1I am afraid that this kind of inaction will damage Canada’s reputation as a forward-thinking and progressive country.  The fact is that we are better than this.  We have a highly-educated workforce and a strong entrepreneurial spirit that can help move us away from fossil fuels and towards more environmentally-friendly forms of energy.  Not only will this create tens of thousands of new jobs, but will put Canada on track to reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

b2At Cop15 this December, Canada has the opportunity to lead the world and show how environmental sustainability and economic strength can go hand in hand.  We can work with other countries around the world and make serious plans that will clean our air and fight climate change.  But this won’t happen unless we let our elected leaders know how we really feel about this most important issue.

That is why we have to take action.  I am urging each and every one of you to write letters to your members of parliament (MPs) today and tell them to step up, take action on the environment, and make an impact at the Copenhagen Conference in December.  I wrote to several MPs already and even members of the Ontario Provincial Parliament.  It takes very little time, and it’s a lot of fun too.  Don’t forget to write to Prime Minister Harper as well.

Please speak to as many friends and family as possible so they can get involved.  Time on the environment is running short.  But if we send enough letters, it will force our elected officials to act on climate change.  As U2 lead singer Bono once said, “the world is waiting for you to hammer it into shape.”  So let’s get the hammer out and start writing!    

And again, thank you for making a difference.



  Author: Bilaal Rajan

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