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A Zoom Zoom Experience. 2010 Mazda 3, Mission Accomplished: Raging Bull or Civilized Griffin. It could well be the King.

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Zoom Zoom, I ask, What is it? I guess something that we refuse to out grow because a 16 year old is still inside us. It is the spark, that a lucky few never lost. For us, driving is expression, exhilaration, liberation. It is the attitude to get noticed. It is Passion. It is heart and soul. It is what matters. It is 2010 Mazda 3.


Mazda 3, when it came along 5 years ago our first thought was oh dear! Here we go again, replacing a successful Protegė brand and experimenting with a new breed, it is definitely going to disappoint its bank manager. However, the first generation of Mazda 3; the sedan and the hatch was absolutely superb. Now here comes the flamboyant second album. Its a brand new car and amazingly its called the Mazda 3, more like a proud dad to a successful son. For Mazda, new doesn’t mean reheated left overs, its got a new interior, a new body, a new chassis, this really is brand new. Its still got Mazda 3 written all over it. It handles amazing, has a front engine and its a very fast entry level compact car.

This is also the most powerful Mazda 3 ever. With available 169 hp from a new 2.5L 4-cylinder, 0-100km takes only 7.4 seconds. The base 2.0L engine is also very promising with, umm….I guess OK fuel economy. The previous generation of Mazda 3 was a real ‘wam’ ‘bam’ thank you man, punch in the back and the New Generation is business as usual, rather with a more civilized surge. The Zoom Zoom is in the blood and that is not surprising because Mazda 3 is after all a driver’s car.

On the outside the aggressive front bumper and a spoiler in the back keeps the tradition alive, but in the inside instead of track day harnesses and fire extinguishers you get dual zone air conditioning, a hands free module, Satellite navigation and even a display that greets you with “Hello” and says “Good bye” when you turn the ignition on and off respectively; a real polite car Eh!

Basically, Mazda has got ambitions, and when small car companies get ambitious thats usually a big roar. Its easy for a car company to build an everyday compact car. Just get an engine and some hardware and you have got the recipe. But its very hard to build a segment leader, something that you can live with everyday; rain, shine or snow.

Nevertheless Mazda has stepped out on to the tightrope and I am happy to report that they haven’t fallen off. The handling is absolutely superb, you turn it and it just grips and grips and grips, it feels as if it is riding on rails. I am sure, if you put it in the automotive torture chamber at Nürburgring, it sure will survive without any pain.  And yet for all that, the ride is perfectly comfortable. The Mazda 3 really is the sort of compact sedan/hatch that you can use everyday and still have fun. Yes! it is a bit thirsty on gas, it might have a controversial smiley face, but none of that really matters for one very good reason; it’s 14 feet of almost nothing but passion and flare and style makes you happy.

No body gets a job in car industry because they want to make a safe car, so all the time those poor souls of Toyota and Honda have been beavering away with crumple zones and air bags. There’s been this pressure building up for them to go bizarre and to make something thats mad. Whereas Mazda was busy with the secret ingredient, to put a little extra in the recipe, they blew a soul and placed a heart in the car. You can sense the adrenaline and feel the excitement in Mazda 3. Its like a pop song, really short, quick, exhilarating 3 minutes, bish bash boosh, big smile on your face and THE END.

I think the reason Mazda has pulled off such an amazing car is because they have kept everything simple. If I was in a Civic right now the indicators would be on the ceiling and the switches would be made out of kryptonite and the doors would open inward with a hydraulic hinge, to me Civic is just a bucket load of Math and science inside whereas in a Mazda 3 the door is just a door that opens like a door, everything is where it should be and how it should be.

Mazda has made such a simple car so amazing unlike Toyota which has a recipe for a perfect shepherd pie but they made it with dog meat. Corolla, is like buying a ton of manure and saying it doesn’t smell that bad after all. It is old and boring, just like a wall paper which only looks amazing if seams could vanish and rather a modern design is available. All in it is badly made, noisy, bit ungainly, uncomfortable and cheap ‘and’ it handles like a pig. You can be on drugs to make it exciting but that doesn’t work either. Wait! There is one exciting factor, If you have a black and white cat and your name is Pat then Corolla is also available in red.

With every new Mazda 3, Mazda seems to take a step closer to the world’s best. In short Mazda 3 does for other cars in the segment what laptop did for the typewriter, what iPod did for Sony music Walkman. I respect it hugely, the same way I respect the technology in my iPhone. It is now the yard stick for the compact car segment. It is the genesis of fun and perfection. The 2010 Mazda 3 is an evolutionary engineering exercise which kept all the plus of the old generation and perfected the car, therefore keeping the Zoom Zoom spirit alive. 

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 Author: Sohaib Zahid

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