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Happily Ever After – After Arranged Marriage

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You feel like you have met your soulmate. Everything you always dreamt of has finally come true. Or maybe your parents have found a perfect match for you and you agree to spend your life with this special someone. You marry and wait for the happily ever after part. Somehow, the wait seems endless! With each passing day you seem to be thinking about how to make your marriage work. No need to worry further, we bring you ideas for sustaining your relationship and help you fall in love all over again. Read on further to know the top 10 tips to sustain your marriage.

Express Your Love - Never ever let love diminish from your lives. So what if you are busy with work and handling three jobs at a time? You are married to your beloved, not your work. Often people feel neglected as they feel their partner does not love them the way they used to. Even if it means saying a simple “I love you” with quick peck, make sure you do it everyday. It works wonders and keeps you together even through the toughest times.

You, Me Aur Hum – Respect your partner and his/her individuality. You give respect, you get respect. Don’t forget he/she still has an individual identity despite the fact that you are a couple. Respect your partner’s feelings and you will have much more years of happiness in your life.

Be Faithful & Don’t Believe Rumors- In order to keep a relation alive you have to have faith and trust in your beloved. No one is perfect and you have to accept the other person just as he/she accepts you, with the positives and negatives. There is a very thin line of difference between trust and faith and it is very important trust your partner and have faith in yourself to make a relation work.

Sacrifices and Compromises - Everyone is required to make compromises at some point in life. It is not possible to have everything that you desire for at the expense of someone else. You have to adjust to make yourself and your partner happy. Rest assured that when time comes, he/she would go out of way to make you comfortable.

Keep Your Saas Out of it & Let’s TALK - Talk to each other as much as you can. It helps to bring two people closer and you get to understand each other better. You need to develop a healthy relationship with your spouse, so invest time and conversations in it. Look at it this way. Some of the most amazing conversations you can think of have taken place with the one you love.

Take a Break For JUST THE TWO OF YOU - Allot one day in a week that you will devote just for the two of you. It could be every Sunday and it need not be anything extravagant or too mushy. Just be with him/her for an entire day even if it means helping her with the dishes or watching a game with him.

Don’t Nag – You have to understand that every person has a limit of tolerance. Once you push the person beyond that level, trouble occurs. Don’t keep nagging your partner to do things the way you like to. Just because you are married to them does not mean they can’t think or do things their way. Just say what you have in mind and wait for your partner to respond. You will be surprised to see the results.

Let go of Old issues & Resolve a Fight - Never ever leave fights or bitter arguments for the next time. Resolve your arguments and fights there and then. Do not be hesitant to say “sorry” if it is your mistake. You will see how easy it is to resolve fights and forgive each other and truly forget it. Do not bring up old issues, as it will unnecessarily complicate an already delicate situation. It is better to forgive and forget than fret forever.

Special Days - Whatever you do, do not forget important dates. Remember birthdays and anniversaries. They are special days and every year they add another milestone to your relation.

Do Not Underestimate - Whatever your partner does to make you happy should be valued. Never underestimate the value or effort of your partner.

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