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My Appreciation of Nuwan’s Art Show “Citta”

Posted on 07 January 2010 by .

Looking back on Nuwan’s Art Show dubbed as “Citta” was an exhilarating experience.   It was an invitation I anticipated for weeks.  On Nov. 14, 2010 on the day of the show, I thought the rain spoiled my excitement. However, when I got to Fraser Studios somewhere between Broadview & Danforth Ave. close to downtown Toronto where the show was held I was warmly greeted by Madhu, Nuwan’s better half.  It was so kind of her to welcome me to the show.  As I started to look around at all the beautiful art pieces my mind was gradually transported to the creative world of gifted artists like that of Nuwan.

The vibrant colours of very fine art works captivated me with awe.  Multi-cultural people from different backgrounds and professions filled the room with energy and enthusiasm.   The show which started at 3 pm until 9 pm never ran out of guests. I enjoyed each and every painting.  Paintings done on canvas, paper and fabric expressed dramatically subjects such as philosophy, religion, sex, human mind and life in its intricacies and intimacies. The paintings were mainly figure-based and these paintings can bring us back to the sensibilities and many possibilities of our minds. That is why the show was entitled “Citta.” It is a Buddhist term that means mind or consciousness.

The beauty of the show was reinforced by the soulful music of the live band, Pilgrims of Brock.  Andrew Masse’ and his band made the show even more enjoyable. Delectable foods, wine and other beverages set the mood even more relaxed and positive.  Guests from Nuwan’s social networks, professional colleagues and art enthusiasts exchanged ideas and opinions freely.   In addition to the live music that was played, Nuwan’s own original song, “Kirille” was played as well.

Time passed by as fast as I immersed myself to Nuwan’s world of arts.   Nuwan was very friendly and accommodating enough to entertain all of his guests. He is a soft-spoken and gentle mannered person.  He earned respect in his profession as clinical psychologist.

Sometime later in the show, I did have the chance to talk to him and expressed my appreciation and gratitude for the warm invitation.   I bought one of his amazing art pieces which he called, “Gracefulness”.  It was indeed a piece of art painted on fabric.   The human form was painted with elegance and I was mesmerized by its mystical beauty.

Nuwan’s “Citta” major solo art show displayed his talents incredibly.   His art works opened the human mind expressed in captivating colours, shapes and lines that define emotions and imaginations.  His passion in unraveling the mind coupled with his rich experiences with people and events in life inspired him to paint on deep and dynamic themes.

Accordingly, it was his 9th show since he started joining art exhibits on 2008.  He is doing art shows in Montreal and Toronto.  After looking back on that eventful show, I am now looking forward for more of his successful shows in 2010 and the coming promising years

Author: Cristina Edulan is a participant and art collector.

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