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Shaken Out of Complacency | A Play staged by Bangladeshi Student Association of UofT

Posted on 17 March 2010 by .

On Saturday, March 13th, the Bangladeshi Students’ Association at the University of Toronto hosted their 12th Annual Cultural Show, Barongbar. The show took place at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts. The theme this year was set in a typical, middle class, Bangladeshi colony, where every person’s life is the same every single day. They all aspire for change, but circumstances and poverty restrict them from achieving their dreams.  Eventually, when the change does come, it comes in the form of a government eviction notice. All of a sudden the people of the colony start resisting change. They plan to stop the government from throwing them out of their houses, but sadly they fail. In the end, when shaken out of their core, they are determined to use it positively and finally take a step towards their dreams.

Cast and Crew of Barongbar: Maisha, Romeo, Samiya B, Siam, Fida, Saminur, Adib, Maruf, Riasat, Mir, Nini, Fariha, Swati, Anika, Farzana, Jamila, Ruby, Sicilia, Parsha, Shimul, Tonima, Rifat, Samia S, Moin, Abdullah, Saba, Niaz, Mumu, Munir, Nadia Z, Rizwan, Eva, Hrishov, Kazi, Saiba, Emma, Tanvir, Wasim, Humaira, Mushfiq, Nadia, Purna, Labeeba, Saptarsi, Mimoza, Fahmida and Novel.

The BSA organized this show to entertain the Bangladeshi Community in Toronto. In addition, the proceeds of the show will go towards non-profit charity organization in Bangladesh. This year the BSA will be donating to Community Action which is a student-run, grass root organization. BSA’s donation will go towards helping blind University students and the management of long-term disasters in Bangladesh.

Scenes from Barongbar

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