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RBC DesiFest Desified Dundas Square –

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You have been to Dundas Square many times, but if you missed it this weekend, then you missed 12-hrs of desi music. Dundas Square was vibrating with Bhangra and Bollywood beats, well not really. The way desi music has evolved in last couple of years, we could hear a fusion of RnB, hiphop, Bollywood and bhangra. My parents’ generation had a questioning look on their face as to the identity of music, whereas the youngsters were going crazy on the dance floor. Non-Desi people could hear the music from afar which sounded a bit familiar to them but the lyrics were in a foreign language.

Sharaz: “We need Events like this!”

Anand Family: “The events like this are great but if this is passing as Indian music then its not working.”

Yes, that’s right, RBC Desifest (A production of Blueband Musiq, RBC desiFEST presented by Rogers)- rocked Dundas Square with live entertainment on May 29th to strengthen the local communities, inspire youth and support ARTS community in Canada.

Jaffer Family and Razia Davidani, “The atmosphere is lively but the music is noisy and hard to understand. AND I paid $10 parking for THIS.”

This FREE event attracted desis from all across GTA who enjoyed the aromatic desi street food, live music and an opportunity to shop on the street (something I miss dearly during winter). There were opportunities to satisfy your palate by enjoying desi snacks like our regular samosas, pakoras, dosas, the amazing pani puri and the fascinating Malaysian Mubtarak. The ones craving something hot were hallowing around the spicy rice (biryani) and the traditional Indian curries. For those with the sweet tooth, there were plenty of sweets, cold lassis and kulfi to go with the warn weather. The ladies enjoyed shopping for kurtis and traditional jewellery, whereas soccer fanatics were buying the flags of their favourite country for the upcoming world cup.

Anne: “Music sounds western but the words are different. Also, there are people from all generations. I am surprised.”

While thousands were passing through the festival, many had stopped to wait for their favorite band to play like Fatima and Kinza, “We Specifically came for the Bilz.” Suzzana and Roshmiya on the other hand were a bit bored from the continuous loud music, “ It’s getting boring now. Roach Killa was good and we waited the entire time for the Billz.”

Matthew: “I came out of curiosity. The music sounded different a sort of a fusion. I saw this on the Dundas Square website and ‘desi’ stood out.”

Akif going crazy at every beat, “ It’s AWESOME! I am the only one making noise, people aren’t supporting me. I came straight from work. The best thing is its FREE.”

Fateh Singh- desiFEST potential performer for 2011, “I come every year. It’s amazing. The parents might think its noise but it makes a lot of sense to us though the sound system could have been a lot better. But I’m here on a Saturday night so it must be worth it.”

Some other patrons were really glad for events like this. Sharaz appreciated the event and elaborated on the need of such desi get-togethers. The entertainers included dancers from Diyas academy, Jadoo entertainment, Garba team, Destiny and singers from Zameer, King Roti, Bollywood Booz, Farid, Prita Chhabra, Shweta, Shahid Ali Khan, Naomi Zaman, Luv Randhawa, En Karma, Blitzkrieg, navin Kundra, The Bilz and Kashif, Roach Killa, Parichay and Black Mahal.

Author: Saniya Zahid

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