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Road to Canaan – Pop Punk Or Defying Stereotypes of Rock Music?

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Hi Prashan, please introduce each of yourselves and what your role is in the band?

So we have Daniel, our lead singer and “professional” bassist, Joel, one of our guitarists, Derek, our drummer and myself, the second guitarist. We don’t really have a lead guitarist pretty much coz everyone solo’s here and there, haha.

For people who have never heard your music, how would you describe it?

We’d like to say some awesome things describing what we think we sound like or maybe even compare ourselves to some awesome band but honestly we really don’t sound like much else out there! You just gotta hear us for yourselves, to put us in a genre maybe pop punk?

What kind of bands would you compare yourself to/ say are your influences?

Well our influences come from bands like Taking Back Sunday, our drummer loves UnderOath, a little bit of Fall Out Boy here and there…but then we are also into some RnB and hip hop so we try fit it all in there!

Being Sri Lankan, do you find the majority of your fans are South Asian?

Haha yeah when we first started off and maybe up until pretty recent this was the case. This may have come down to the fact that we constantly had support from family and friends when we began. However we have started branching out a lot more and we have been welcomed into a broader and more diverse fan base, which we gotta say is pretty cool!

How do your parents feel about you being in a band? Did you have to work hard at convincing them you were serious about it to get their approval?

I think it has been overly stereotyped that Asian parents hate their kids “straying” from their heritage or culture. Our parents have supported us SO well in all our decisions, so we really thank God for them. We didn’t have to work hard to convince them at all  and it’s safe to say our parents are now fairly proud of us!

There are not many bands with all South Asian members out there, do you find this makes it easier or more difficult to make it into the industry?

When we started off, as we said before, our fan base was mostly South Asian. This made it really easy to get up on stage and connect with our friends and family because we knew what they wanted and how to give it to them. When we get on stage, about to play to a more diverse crowd, we sometimes get the feeling that people are thinking how we “shouldn’t” be playing rock or how we may “embarrass ourselves”. Sure, it’s made difficult by the fact that there aren’t many brown guys doing rock but then again who said who can play rock? For us music is a great language that speaks to all people and once we start playing, people come up to us after and tell us how much they enjoyed it.
Sorry to get political, what are your thought on the conflicts that occurred in Sri Lanka?

Haha no worries. We believe God’s got a plan for Sri Lanka, what’s done has been done for a reason and even though we are all Tamils we need to forgive people for any wrong that’s been done because there’s no point fighting when people are homeless or have no food. Our heart is for the people.

Do you do tours all over Australia often?

Yeah! If by all over Australia you mean Sydney and Canberra! Haha. At the moment we have been really gigging hard all over Sydney and we road tripped it down to Canberra for an awesome gig. We’d like to hit up a tour around Aus soon but it’s not right up there in our priority list yet. Certainly going to do it though.

When you are on the road how do you deal with being away from friends and family?

We have only experienced it once before, but there’s no getting away from them. We got a call when we got to our destination, we had to call when we finished, and we had to call to tell them where we would be staying. It’s good in a way because it keeps us on track and accountable so we don’t muck around TOO much. Both friends and family are always there helping us along the way.

What would be the ideal band/artist you would want to collaborate with?

At the moment, probably Switchfoot? We all grew up on them and they are up there with our favorites. It’s great to see how far they have come and how they live their lives through their music. Staying local however, our lead singer LOVES a band called New Empire. It would be his dream to collaborate with them.

Any song covers you would like to do?
We do a couple at the moment, stuff like ‘Down’ by Jay Sean, ‘All the Small Things’ by Blink 182 and we have done an acoustic ‘Break Your Heart’ cover by Taio Cruz.
Who are you backing in the World Cup?

We all know Brazil is in it to win it! That’s all that matters…

What is next for Road to Canaan?

Well hopefully a full album, maybe an album release, a music video, a tour? Endless possibilities!

Any plans to go and tour other countries?
We have to finish Aus first we think  :P
And finally, explain in 5 words why people should listen to your music?
Support great local music…please!?

Thanks Very much guys!

For updates and further information on Road To Canaan, check out their Myspace page –

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