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Meet Professor of Anatomy and Physiology Dr. Rubina Tahir And See How Love For Healthcare Led to Chiropractic

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Chiropractor Dr. Rubina Tahir graduated from University of Western Ontario where she developed her passion for health, science and the body. She continued her studies at New York Chiropractor College and practiced as a chiropractor for three years at New Jersey. She currently works as a chiropractor in Toronto where she also teaches anatomy and physiology.  Dr. Tahir emphasizes that “pursuing your passion through education is one of the best things that you can do for yourself.”

Though she graduated from a school in the United States, she came back to Canada where she feels at home and wants to serve the community here. Her drive and passion to heath is unprecedented. She volunteers with Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and other health related organizations. As if this wasn’t enough to occupy her, she is also the professor of Anatomy and Physiology-Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.

Working in the health industry, Rubina is proud of Canada’s health care system in comparison to the one in the United States. While some whine about Canada’s lack of healthcare system, she is pleased with how health care in Canada is accessible to all people and that wait times are relatively normal.

Born in Canada and from Pakistani descent, Rubina finds that religion more than culture has played an important role in her life. She says that religion has helped focus and clear her mind. She is thankful to her parents for having such an open and welcoming attitude to all people. It is because of this attitude that Rubina was able to be confident in her beliefs and not fall prey to social and cultural pressures around her. She feels that it was the tolerance of her parents that taught her to have respect for all people.

Rubina’s expertise in health has helped her look to several political parties for their take on different issues pertaining to her field. She laughingly states that the best of each political party should be taken to make a new political party of its own. Nonetheless her political views are shaped by her brother who is a lawyer.

Dr. Rubina Tahir with her dad

On her previous trip to Pakistan, Rubina’s eyes were opened to the level of poverty that she came across on the streets. She also understood many of the things that were taken for granted such as clean drinking water. And of course, wedding festivities were also an exciting experience in Pakistan, something which lacks comparison in Canada.

Concerning when she will get married herself, Rubina feels that it is something that is out of your control and when the right person comes it will happen.

Rubina’s future goal is to have a chiropractor practice of her own and continue her joy of teaching people about health and the body.

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