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Celebrating Independence and Accomplishments

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For a Canadian-born desi, I have the challenge of straddling two cultures and traditions, while juggling a handful of languages – as do all Canadian-born desis. But the beauty is that we get to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, then celebrate the independence days of Pakistan and India on August 14 and 15.

My parents left India in 1976 and decided to make Canada their new home. It must have been a tough decision – to leave behind their family, friends, and the familiar and embark on an adventure with unknown questions mounting, such as: will we succeed in Canada and can we make a better life for our children?

I’m happy to report that they did well over the past 34 years and my sisters, brother and I turned out to be successful, independent, productive and well-adjusted citizens.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

And just like India and Pakistan being carved into two new nation-states in South Asia in 1947, they turned out to be successful and productive countries, too. Their birth was one of the bloodiest in history with the largest mass migration of people.

However, we’re not just celebrating the independence of India and Pakistan, but the accomplishments they have achieved. In just 63 years, both countries have come a long way. India is the largest democracy in the world with the fastest growing economy and market. It is also an example of multiculturalism, with so many diverse religions, languages, cultures and traditions co-existing together.

Mahatma Gandhi

I haven’t had the privilege of traveling to Pakistan yet – but I am assured it is a beautiful country. I know that before partition, my family had roots in Pakistan. But that part of our family history is long forgotten, especially with the recent passing of my grandmother, who carried our history in her memory. I now regret never listening to her stories carefully and documenting it all for future reference.

Dr.Allama Iqbal

For those, like me, who identify themselves as Indo-Canadians or South Asians, we’re proud of the strides India and Pakistan has made. Successive Canadian governments have been wooing India and trying to establish deeper connections and relations.

Jawahar Lal Nehru

In the coming months, India will host the Commonwealth Games and have an opportunity to showcase its beauty, magnificence and ability to rise to even greater heights.

As we celebrate the 63rd anniversary of Pakistan and India’s independence, let’s also reflect on their accomplishments and wish both continued success.

Author:Rupinder Kaur

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