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Home Care Services for Seniors

Posted on 20 January 2011 by admin

Ontario Quality Care Alliance is organizing a town hall to draw on the insights of clients who receive home care, the experience of frontline caregivers, and the knowledge of experts in the sector to provide a comprehensive picture of the benefits and challenges of sustaining quality home care. The town hall will be an opportunity to discuss how well home care services are meeting the needs of the people of Brampton and how we can continue to drive improvements in quality. Ontario’s senior population is expected to double over the next decade and care providers and policymakers are all looking for ways to cope with the pressure this is putting on our health care system. A recent survey by the Canadian Medical Association indicates Canadians are increasingly worried about the impact of demographic trends on our health care system. In this environment, home and community based care is increasingly being seen by policymakers as a way of sustaining our entire health care system. Most people also prefer to stay independent and receive care at home, with 88% of Ontarians polled saying their preference is home care.
Yet there are a lot of challenges that come with accessing and delivering quality home care, and a growing need for improved awareness round conditions like dementia and elder abuse and modern standards for training and support of Personal Support Workers and family caregivers.
The Quality Care Alliance was formed as a way to promote dialogue and understanding between home care clients, families, frontline caregivers, policymakers, and the wider community.
This community town hall will include an open forum with home care clients, caregivers, researchers, and community groups. Together we can work together to rejuvenate home care and make sure clients can age comfortably in their own homes with the support they need. We are looking forward to promoting dialogue and constructive discussion about the importance of home care services and the steps needed to make home care work for our senior and disabled population. The town hall will be held in Brampton on Saturday, February 5th at the Snelgrove Recreation Centre, 11692 Hurontario, West Side of Hurontario, South of Mayfield. The day’s events will begin at 1pm and conclude at 4pm.
If you wish to attend,

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