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Mississauga Hindu Heritage Centre: Not only a temple, but a Cultural Centre also

Posted on 11 May 2011 by admin

“We can have our differences…but what’s common in us is our humanity” – Ontario Premier McGuinty

Two days before its formal inauguration, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty visited Hindu Heritage Centre in Mississauga Streetsville.

Hindu Heritage Centre is not only the place of worship for Peel Region’s Hindu community, it is also a centre where kids learn havans, bhajans, practice tabla, Hindi language, devotional songs, yoga and so on.

One young girl paid tribute to the Hindu Heritage Centre saying that if it wasn’t for the centre, she would not have learned Hindi language. “Our grandparents are thrilled to talk to us in Hindi,” she said.

Addressing the people in the Centre, Premier McGuinty talked about his family, and families’ need of sticking together so that everyone can progress together. He has grown from family of 12 people to having a family of 13 million Ontarians. He acknowledged Hinduism as a religion of goodness. “We can have our differences…but what’s common in us is our humanity,” he said.

Hindu Heritage Centre has been in planning stages for the last four years. Kamal Paul, the architect of the Centre noted that “if you were standing on the sage, you can reach out to everybody in the hall without the need of microphone.”

Among other things an architect has to be mindful of in designing buildings such as Hindu Heritage Centre is that it’s not just a temple, it serves as a cultural centre also, and the Canadian weather.

The basement of the Centre is designed in a manner to accommodate sound effects and performances.

“ Nobody is worried about what the impact of weather in India. But here in Canada, summers are so hot and in winter, it’s is freezing. The way we dress, the fact that we have shoes on, what are the pure areas of the temple..what are impure areas like where you take off shoes and washrooms, so there has to be separation of spaces,” said Mr. Paul.

Also a lot of people are driving to the Centre, so “you have to have adequate parking..something you rarely see in India,” said the architect of Hindu Heritage Centre.

With Premier McGuinty were also present Ontario Ministers Eric Hoskins and Charles Sousa and MPP Bob Delaney from Mississauga Streetsville.

The event was emce’ed by Jake Dheer, Rogers Station Manager.

Members of community with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, Minister Eric Hoskins, Minister Charles Sousa and MPP Bob Delaney (Mississauga-Streetsville)

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