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Tips for getting started in a new country

Posted on 09 August 2011 by admin

According to Statistics Canada, in 2006, approximately half, or 561,240 out of the 1,154,070 people living in the municipality of Peel, was an immigrant to Canada.  This municipality had a surge of immigrants move into the area from 2001 to 2006.


Brampton, for example, grew by 33.3% and other areas experienced a dramatic increase in their population.  Brampton is now the 11th largest municipality in Canada and the 3rd largest community in the GTA.  Mississauga is the second largest community in the GTA.  The top 10 ethnic groups living in Brampton were the following East Indian, Canadian, English, Scottish, Irish, Jamaican, Portuguese, Italian, French and German.


It is not easy to get started when a person immigrates into a new country.  The newcomers need to get settled into their new neighbourhoods quickly.  An immigration expert, in the July 2011 issue of the Canadian Immigrant, says that there are five important steps for immigrants to take in order to start working.  First, open a bank account.  With out a bank account, it is impossible to deposit your paycheck. Second, get a computer with internet access.  Jobs are found posted on websites and housing information is available on some websites.  Libraries have computers which newcomers can access if they do not have a computer at their home to use.  Third, get a credit card.  Credit cards help people establish credit and a way to help pay for things while they wait for a paycheck.  Fourth, obtain a cell phone for any job interview opportunities.  A recruiter will phone rather than use an email to arrange a job interview.

Fifth, networking is important to improve your chances for employment.  Job opportunities are often found out from a friend, or a relative who is already working at a company.  It helps to make friends and new contacts to improve your chances to get a job and to settle into Canada.


These tips can help newcomers get started in their new land.



Jim Jackson MA is a Professor at Humber College.


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