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Girls! Who Needs Them!

Posted on 17 November 2011 by admin



My teenage son is allergic to girls. He thinks they are redundant in his life and will only complicate life for him. Yet he reads up so much of girl-reports that I begin to think he is actually afraid of the emotion of ‘love’.


Don’t be. It’s beautiful actually. To be able to think of her when you wake up, to be able to see her smiling and running down to meet you when you need her, to be able to feel her beside you when you go to sleep…It’s beautiful. This emotion of love.


But hell! When does that happen? The moment you wake up you have had five missed calls from her and three texts. It is Sunday noon, and you had a right to sleep.


But how could you have slept on with her waiting for your call since morning? You barely open your eyes and there she is, calling: “Hello…” you say in groggy voice.


“What the hell! Why don’t you take my calls? You’ve been sleeping? Did you have a late night yesterday? Did you go out with that woman? I told you we were supposed to…”


No. She definitely does not fit in as the woman of your dreams. Half of your brain decides to move on. The other half is scheming how to do it.


And they say that a man leaves a woman for other women?


Love is beautiful. Like chinaware. Treat it carefully, and it will last forever. Bash it, smash it, and it will break into tiny pieces. Even if you mend it, the cracks will remain. But to cherish it, you need to understand why women act the way they do.


She starts thinking she owns you. She possesses you. She treats you like a baby. That’s because she loves you. But she doesn’t know how to express it. She had been dreaming of you all night and thinking of you ever since she opened her eyes. And then, she’s been counting the hands of the clock for you to call. No calls. She calls you. No answer. She waits. She calls again. No answer. The hands of the clock tick on. She texts you. Her love for you turns into anxiousness, into anger, into suspicion. She calls you again, and again; texts you twice again. She is suspecting you are with someone and you don’t want to take calls from her. You can imagine the fury that’s built up within her by now. And then when you take her call, she just explodes!


There’s only one way to handle her at that time. Just listen. Don’t take anything she says seriously. Let her cool off. Sympathize with her. Nod. Let her anger melt into tears. She’ll be sorry in seconds. Then tell her, “I love you. I am sorry I overslept. I’ll meet you in an hour.”


Believe me. This is the only way. There may be other attractive fishes in the sea, but they are all of the same kind. All girls are the same. They are all from a different planet you have no clue of.


It’s very rare that you love and find love in the same person. You are the lucky man. Hold onto your girl with all your might.


Might. Yes, that’s one thing women love in you. Not much in the physical sense. More in an arbitrary sense.  Like opening the door for her, carrying her groceries, pulling out her chair, offering her the drink first and things like that. It’s not that she cannot do them herself. But you are her man. She wants to sink in your ‘might’. Your woman will expect this from you even when you are 90 and she is 95!


I recently came across a beautiful piece on Facebook you might want to make a note of.


When a girl WALKS for miles to see you….

When a girl SAYS SORRY even though she didn’t do anything…

When a girl CRIES because she still loves/misses u….

When a girl still TRIES TO GET YOU BACK…

When a girl, no matter how much YOU HURT HER, STILL LOVES YOU…

When a girl STOPS her argument with her guy to make her relationship SAFE…

When a girl continuously MAKES U FEEL SPECIAL and TRIES TO MAKE U HAPPY…

When a girl is upset but DOES NOT tell u as she thinks she is ANNOYING U…..

When a girl wants to LEAVE u because of your RUDE BEHAVIOUR but she is not able to do…



By Kaberi Chatterjee










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