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Santa or Scrooge? Which holiday shopper are you?

Posted on 21 December 2011 by admin

It’s that time of year again. Restless shoppers’ break out the wallets and rev up their rusty credit cards, holiday bonuses, and paychecks hoping to find that perfect gift for the many beloved names etched onto their holiday wish list.  With Christmas only a few days away, the commercial galore within the GTA is in full effect for shoppers who have become frantically obsessed with ‘gifting’ their feelings through tokens of appreciation. For many seasonal shoppers, the desire to appease both the commercial and personal pressures of the holiday season is usually a tricky feat to manage.

Alliyah Khan, a 27 year old chartered accountant explains to Generation Next that her shopping ritual is often driven by multiple motives that can be broken down into two distinct categories: obligation and tradition. “I feel a sense of obligation towards my boyfriend’s family because I feel like I have to get them something and because his mom always gets me something. With my boyfriend and my friend, it’s a tradition. We’ve kept this up for quite a long time and I don’t want to end it.”

Buying gifts out of obligation for extended family, co workers, and casual acquaintances can often add to the stress of budgeting over the holiday season.  For Ms. Khan, the overwhelming need to buy gifts has compelled her to shave off the names that are no longer a necessity. “I don’t give gifts to anyone else because I hate shopping and I hate thinking of gift ideas. I used to get gifts for my siblings as well but now that we’ve all grown up, I find it’s harder to think of what to get them. Most of the times, they can’t even think of what they want or if they even want it [and if they do] they would probably go buy it themselves.”

Reducing the size of your shopping list is often a great way for shoppers to maintain their holiday budget and make each gift more meaningful.  For Swechchha Pokhrel, a 23 year old student and Early Childhood Educator the role that her holiday budget plays each year ultimately dictates who makes or does not make her list. “I don’t usually have a budget but if I know I can afford certain things then I will buy it. It all depends on how much I earned. Having a full time job will mean I have more money to spend, but since I am still  a student and part time worker, I am not left with very much choice.”

Another great and trendy option for those hoping to survive the gifting frenzy is seen by those willing to purchase items online. Although, this method may take some pre-planning strategies it allows many budget conscious buyers to seek out the best web deals and save the stress of standing impatiently behind a ridiculous cahier line up. Lemar Kumar, a 26 year old banker, reiterates the growing appeal of switching shopping methods. “I do most of my shopping at the malls because I [usually] start shopping too late to wait for online deliver. If I had enough time I would do all my shopping online.”  For online shoppers, placing their trust on the postal system is merely small price to pay to avoid the madness that fills the local malls at this time of year.

Audrey Lau, a 27 year old Executive Assistant and HR Coordinator describe the relief that buying online has given her especially within her busy work schedule. “Ebay for example is wonderful because you can get a good price for most things and they will ship it right to your door! No line-ups and I can do this in the comfort of my own home.” For many young professionals like Ms. Lau saving time through easier shopping methods can only enhance the holiday giving experience. After all, as Ms. Lau states, “a little festive spirit during the holidays is a nice reminder to show appreciation.”

Here are some helpful shopping tips our shoppers had to offer to maximize your shopping experience:

  1. Do your holiday shopping early! You can avoid the stressful crowds and not get sucked into spur of the moment purchases while waiting in lines.


  1. Create a shopping list. It can help keep you on track with a budget and keep you focused on the people you value most.


  1. Do your research. Look for good sales via online and in flyers to ensure you are getting the best prices for your items.


  1. Although some feel strongly against it. Re-gifting items that you will not find useful can save both money and offer a better home to that unwanted item collecting dust in your closet.

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