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Holiday: A Season to Give Thanks

Posted on 21 December 2011 by admin

With their signs littered across the GTA, many residents have often identified Homelife Maple Leaf Realty Ltd. agents solely from the familiar names seen hammered firmly into the front lawn of a neighbours house.  As many happy property owners can affirm, choosing a Homelife agent provides comfort in relying on an organization that has already become a force to be reckoned with within the industry.

With their independent agents usually hard at work throughout the year, it was a pleasant reunion for many in attendance Friday evening at the annual Homelife Maple Leaf holiday appreciation event held at the Versailles Convention Centre.  Agents shared with utter delight through friendly whistles, clapping and loud cheers as peers were awarded throughout the evening with a much deserved trophy or plaque.

Mohammad Rafi, a rookie agent with Homelife for nine months was one of many awarded recipients at the event. He gladly reflects with our Generation Next reporter on the overall importance of being appreciated as a fairly new agent within a competitive industry. “At the end of the day you want appreciation and these kinds of events are always good to have. However, deep down inside only you will know what you are capable of.”

As new agents were honoured for their vast accomplishments achieved within a short time, Homelife also acknowledges those agents whose success has earned them great respect within the industry.  Nav Sidhu, a well known veteran agent within the Homelife Maple Leaf Realty organization was a proud recipient honoured within the evening as well. As an agent who has been around for many years Mr. Sidhu extrapolates on the importance of choosing a knowledgeable agent . “[An experienced agent] has a good reputation and is known which is why it is important to make sure you are getting the right experienced agent. Knowledge is very important, and experience really counts, people look for experience.”

Narender Sehgal, the enthusiastic host of the evening expressed to Generation Next his belief in these agents will continue to do well in the housing market for 2012. “The market is going to stay solid. As far as the CMAC is concerned they said that the year 2012 is going to show a 8-12% higher result than 2011. For the condo market, there are some predictions but we will wait and see.”

When asked if he believes the South Asian community will have a stronger role within the housing market in 2012, Mr. Sehgal was quick to express a high expectation from the South Asian community. “I can assure you one thing. The South East Asian community has been the force in the residential and commercial market. You can see the share [they] capture in the market and I think [this share] will continue to increase day by day.”

As many of the Homelife Maple Leaf Realty agents end their 2011 year on a high note of sucess, Mr. Sehgal like many others throughout the evening maintain that 2012 can only get better. As Homelife looks to expand their number of agents in the coming year, readers can be assured that signs will be out in full force once again bearing the all too familiar Homelife Maple Leaf slogan for 2012.

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