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Be my Valentine?

Posted on 16 February 2012 by admin

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when one can be openly sappy and hopelessly cheesy. For those who are single, it can be a singular day of love-bashing and overall hatred for the idea of love and romance. Either way, Valentine’s Day is on most people’s radars as a pretty special day.


For readers who like to know the history behind holidays, the namesake of the celebration is St. Valentine, patron saint of lovers from the era of the Roman Empire who was martyred for the cause of Christianity. Today, however, Valentine’s Day is mostly about exchanging gifts, writing the occasional poem, and often proposing to one’s beloved. Here’s how some South Asian youth in our community feel about Valentine’s Day and how they plan to celebrate it.


Anthony Lal from Brampton views Valentine’s Day as a special day. “I think it should be a day reserved for your significant other he says”. Does he have any plans for his significant other, I ask. “Oh no, I’m not doing anything. But my brother, he and his girlfriend have been dating for 10 years; they were high school sweethearts since Grade 10. Now even though they’re living in different provinces, he’s going to do the best he can, like he’s going to have flowers sent to her and all”. That is really is really cute, I cannot help but add. “Yes”, he agrees, “my brother is set in his life”.

Azmeree Chowdhury from Scarborough has a slightly different view of Valentine’s Day, emphasizing the importance of love over the now commercialized holiday. “Valentine’s Day is a small excuse to be loved and give love. If you truly love someone, everyday should be a Valentine’s Day, don’t let the Valentine’s Day be the reason, instead make the special one the reason for your Valentine’s days. Gifts and surprises don’t express as much as your love and support does. Be there for that special one always”, she says. Now there’s a philosophy to live by.

Raj Patel from Oakville shares his thoughts on what Valentine’s Day means to him. “Well, at the moment let’s just say I’m “dealing” with someone so frankly speaking this year Valentine’s Day isn’t anything special. However in my past relationships, Valentine’s Day has been a meaningful day. It brought me and the girls I was with closer. I guess you could put it that way, a day that brings people closer. In general it is a romantic and sensual day; people get even closer than they previously were. Thank god I’m ‘single'”, he laughs. So what does a “single” guy like himself have planned for the day? “I wish I was doing something for Valentine’s Day, but unfortunately the girl I wanted to spend time with isn’t around town anymore. That’s where Skype comes into play”, he winks.















Payal from Mississauga is a real romantic. “Valentine’s Day to me is a day dedicated to love. Lovers should celebrate everyday in my opinion but Valentine’s Day is an extra day to get extra spoiled and do something extra extravagant! I think it’s nice to see all the romantic things people buy and do! It is a cute day to see how much people care and to what extent they go to show their feelings towards their special someone”. What are Payal’s plans for the day? “Personally, no big plans. Just relaxing with friends, eating chocolate and kicking back with classic movies”.






From the responses above, there seems to be a general consensus amongst South Asian youth that Valentine’s Day is an important day and whether you’re single or have been in a long-term relationship, it all comes down to celebrating love. For readers who are still wondering how to celebrate the day with their special someone, take a cue from Payal and do something extravagant or go by Azmeree’s philosophy and make every day Valentine’s Day. If your special someone happens to be living in a different city, make it a Skype date as Raj plans to do. Whatever it is that you choose, do it with care and love because that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day is on Feb 14!


BY Nazifa Islam



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