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3rd Toronto Nepali Film Festival Held Successfully in Toronto

Posted on 21 March 2012 by admin

The Third Toronto Nepali Film Festival (TNFF) was successfully held on
Saturday March 17, 2012 in Toronto at Innis Town Hall, University of Toronto. The one-day festival attracted audiences from different walks of life, both Nepalis and non-Nepalis. The festival showcased nine Nepali films from Canada, Nepaland the US. The annual festival is organized with the goal of promoting Nepal’s rapidly emerging independent filmmaking industry and adding a distinctive Nepali voice to Toronto’s cultural landscape.

Films Identity, Buwega Maanatuna (The Spinner of Flights), Kushee Bhaneko (A
Thing Called Happiness) and Journey to Yarsa was screened in Session A.

Hanuman Airlines and Saving Dolma was screened in Session B. Session C included Ma Kushi Chu (I am Happy), Team Nepal and Buried in Tears. The film program was followed a presentation and performances and included a presentation of Toronto-based photographer Mr. Ariel Estulin’s photographic essay from his travels in Nepal. The photographic essay was followed by a beautiful Nepali dance performance titled Nepali Fusion by students from
FONATS (Federation of Nepali and Tibetan Students) at York University.

The all female dance troupe consisted of Kneha KC, Dristi Rawat, Rakshya Mahat, Sumee Pandey and Rizbi Poudel. The dance was followed by musical performance of by Ottawa-based Mr. Robin Subba. After Mr. Subba, there was another energetic musical performance by Brampton-based Mr. Aadi Yakthumba.

The festival was concluded on a celebratory note with a group song lead by TNFF volunteers Mr. Janman Jay Ranjit and Mr. Saugar Sainju, and was joined in by other volunteers and members of the audience.

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