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Federal judge rules IRB erred in case of Pakistani refugee claimant

Posted on 27 June 2012 by admin

A federal judge has ruled that the Immigration and Refugee Board made a mistake in denying the claim of a Pakistani man who sought refuge in Canada on the grounds that his wife’s parents set police on him because they disapproved of their marriage. The judge said it was unreasonable for the IRB to suggest that the man could “live in hiding” in another part of Pakistan. He cited a corrupt police force and the high number of “honour crimes” committed against couples who marry in defiance of parents’ wishes in countries like Pakistan. As Nadir Saleem’s wife’s parents did not approve of their relationship, the couple fled to the city of Mardan and took refuge with the family of a friend. They married in 2007. Subsequently, his wife’s parents lodged a complaint against Saleem that resulted in charges of abduction and rape being filed against him. Saleem fled to Canada and sought protection.In reviewing his case, an IRB adjudicator suggested that Saleem could reside in the cities of Multan or Mardan — “Internal Flight Alternatives” — which are more than 400 kilometres from Sialkot.Saleem applied for a judicial review of that decision, arguing at a hearing in Calgary that it was wrong for the IRB adjudicator to suggest his in-laws and police were not actively searching for them.

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