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Komal Rizvi’s success story

Posted on 27 June 2012 by admin

Azfar Amin

Where it takes years to make a place in Canada KomalRizvi did it in just 8 months. We have seen her paintings exhibited at the Burr House Crafts Gallery fromApril 27-May28th 2012 and we have evenread her interviews in different news papers,let’s find out more about her.

GN: Komal, how did you come this farin such a short time, tell us about your success story?

KR: Oh! There is no success story;I haveyet to do big things. I have just been lucky to come here and be a part of this Art show.

GN: What response did you get after your first exhibition in Canada?

KR: The response was overwhelming. People have appreciated my work and have also asked me to commission some work.

GN:What plans do you have for the future?

KR:There are many things that I have planned; some big design projects are too early to be discussed right now, butI am starting off slow with a few small projects that are almost in the final stages, like I am starting different workshops from July 6th 2012 for children, youth and adults. These will be on drawing and painting, textile and fashion illustrations and it will be all year roundfor everyone. I am making Dry Flower Arrangements which will be on sale soon. Then I have a few painting projects that are mostly in 2D and some will be more functional than just wall hangings.

GN:Tell us about your art and design background and your inspiration in life?

KR:I opened my eyes in a house full of awards that my father won as a commercial designer; my sisters, mother and brothers were all creating some form of art.But only I was eager enough to study fine arts in my High School. My passion to create and design led me to win a scholarship award when I was doing my Bachelor in textile design from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Pakistan.My designs for Mohammad Farooq Textiles and VaneezaAhmed were well appreciated. After Mohammad Farooq, I taught at the Asian Institute of fashion design (AIFD). While at AIFD, I started my own label ‘Komal’ of party wear clothes and was sending to Canada from Pakistan. I received a special Letter of Appreciation for my Fashion design workshops that Iconducted at Indus Valley for several years.WhenI moved to Canada Ivolunteered at the World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto Fall 2012 and later started to paint. Throughout this journey I have collected many awards and certificates for my performance and participation in art and design activities but I could not have perused my passion without the support of my brother and sisters.And now after my marriage my husband has been my biggest support and inspiration in life.

GN:Do you plan to take up painting as a career?

KR:I will continue commission and freelance work in paintings and Fashion design and will keepexhibiting my work but I will pursue my career in textiles as a designer when a good opportunity comes my way.

GN: Do you have any message for the up and coming artists and designers?

KR:Enjoy your work and take pride in what you do.

In her final words,Komal thanked the volunteers at the Burr house Craft Gallery, Richmond Hill and has requested us all to support them for their wonderful work of keeping Art and Crafts alive. We thank her for taking out time for us and we sincerely wish this down to earth and humble person a very good luck for future.        

To see her work follow her page KomalWorks on Facebook .

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