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TD South Asia’s Got Talent is proud to announce Top 8 Contending Teams

Posted on 05 July 2012 by admin

After reviewing over 50 auditions and talking to about 150 participants, South Asia’s Got Talent finally has its top 8 contending teams which will battle in out in a phenomenal 2 hour show on July 7, 2012.

“The variety and quality of talent in this year’s show is bound to amaze the audience. South Asia’s Got Talent is much bigger and better this year” quips MayankaSarin, event organizer.

“SAGT is one of the few platforms that brings out all talent and not just dancing- which is all that most people usually associate with South Asian Talent” suggests versatile drum-guru Sarah Thawar (contender #8). 

The exciting show line-up is as follows:

1. Very Charismatic Contemporary Dancers, Beyond Infinity, 2. Mainstream singer par Excellence, Gifty Singh, 3. Awesome Rapping and Singing Duo, Gunsmith &Mohit, 4.  Jhakas Bollywood Dancers, Jadoo Entertainment, 5.Awesome Beatboxing Duo, KD &Savi, 6. Sensational Opera Singer, MeherPavri, 7. Flute Expert, Sahil Khan, 8. Spectacular Drummer, Sarah Thawar

“It’s extremely difficult to tell which team will emerge a winner in this year’s show. Each team is so unique and so talented that the judges are bound to have a very difficult time selecting who will be at the top.” says Pearl Mehra, event organizer.

All contending groups will be participating in a grand competition in front of celebrity judges Veronica Chail, Chase Constantino&Roveena G.

Only one team will take home the grand prize consisting of the legacy trophy, $1000 cash prize, an OMNI media interview as well as the title of South Asia’s Got Talent’s 2nd Official Winner. 

“If we do end up winning the money, we will definitely use a portion of it towards a worthy cause to give back to the South Asian community to thank them for this opportunity” says Tito Daljit, manager for Gifty Singh

The awesome show is set to take place in the heart of Gerrard India Bazaar and will be one of the momentous occasions of 2012.

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