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Muhammad Ali Jinnah – the Founder of Pakistan – Speeches and Statements

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Responsibilities of Youth

Speech at Islamia College, Peshawar: April 12, 1948

Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am indeed very happy to be present here today and to have the privilege of meeting and addressing the students of this great Dar-ul-Ulum, who are the future builders of Pakistan.

.. I must warn you not to allow your actions to be guided by ill-digested information or slogans and catch-words. Do not take them to heart or repeat them parrot-like. Take advantage of your period of training that this institution offers you, by equipping yourself to become leaders of the future generation..

.. Our duty to the State often demands that we must be ready to submerge our individual or provincial interests into the common cause for common good. Our duty to the State comes first; our duty to our Province, to our district, to our town and to our village and ourselves comes next..

.. You must now realise that fresh fields, new channels and avenues are now being thrown open to you where you have unlimited opportunities, namely, you must now direct your attention to science, commercial banking, insurance, industry and technical education. You must be reading newspapers and knowing how Pakistan is moving fast..

 Remember to win is nothing, it is the effort and the spirit behind the effort that count: : Advice to Athletes at the opening ceremony of the First Pakistan Olympic Games on April 22, 1948

It has given me great pleasure to come here today to perform the opening ceremony of the first Pakistan Olympic Games. I agreed to become the patron-in-chief of the Pakistan Olympic Association in the realization that the success of our people in all walks of life depends upon the cultivation of “Sound Minds”, the natural concomitant to “Sound Bodies”. To the athletes and youth of the nation I bid welcome. My message to you is: build up physical strength not for aggression, not for militarism, but for becoming fighting fit, all your life and all the time in every walk of life of your nation wherever you be and always to be a force for peace, international amity and goodwill. After these games you shall go to the World Olympiad at Wembley Stadium, London, representing us as messengers of our goodwill and my best wishes will go with you. Remember to win is nothing, it is the effort and the spirit behind the effort that count.

Jinnah’s Statement at the Occasion of First Eid in Pakistan on August 18, 1947

This is our first Eid immediately following in the heralding of free independent, sovereign Pakistan having been established. I wish on this auspicious day a very happy Eid to all Muslims wherever they may be throughout the world – the Eid that will usher in, I hope, a new era of prosperity and will mark the onward march of renaissance of Islamic culture and ideals. No doubt we have achieved Pakistan, but that is only yet the beginning of an end. Great responsibilities have come to us, and equally great should be our determination and endeavor to discharge them, and the fulfilment thereof will demand of us efforts and sacrifices in the cause no less for construction and building of our nation than what was required for the achievement of the cherished goal of Pakistan.

Let us not, on this occasion, forget those of our brethren and sisters who have sacrificed their all so that Pakistan may be established and we may live. We fervently pray that their souls may rest in peace and we shall never forget the memory of those who are no more and those who have suffered.  


Parts of these speeches and statements have been edited.

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