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Guidestones has a Lead South Asian Female Actress

Posted on 26 September 2012 by admin

By Aabida Dhanji


Guidestones is a fairly new web series. The series was launched a few months back and has been in the works for over three years.

The Georgia Guidestones were built by someone and is a stone structure that has Ten Commandments that are engraved in eight languages. The Guidestones are located in “Elbert”County,Georgia. No one knows what it is and is quite mysterious. It is still unclear who commissioned the Georgia Guidestones, and why.

The series, Guidestones is about two journalism students who decide to investigate an unsolved murder based on their findings. The main character of the series is Sandy Rai, played by Supinder Wraich. She is one of the journalism students alongside Trevor Shale, played by Dan Fox. On their adventure to unsolve this murder, they find many clues, of which one leads them to the Georgia Guidestones.

 The Georgia Guidestones is a monument that is located in a farmer’s field in Ebert County, Georgia. The structure has ten guidelines or principles for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse. The series was shot on location inCanada, theUnited States, andIndia.

The show was discovered and started by the Director, Jay Ferguson. Jay learnt about the Guidestones and found it quite interesting. He decided to start researching them first.

 As he was researching he found a woman that was very interested in the Guidestones as well. The two met and discussed the Guidestones further. He wanted to make a documentary on her but she refused. This woman refused to be the subject of a film because she was concerned about her identity becoming public. He decided to make a series on the Guidestones. The series is based on this woman, Sandy and her story of how she discovered the Guidestones and what happened on her adventure.

This show is one of the very few shows that has a South Asian actor as a lead. This is a testament to acknowledging South Asian talent. When you look at all the shows and movies that have South Asian characters, one rarely comes across a series that has a South Asian woman as the lead. It is usually the male who is the main character. In Guidestones though,Sandyis the lead character and is a South Asian woman.

It is a very interactive show. In each episode there is a clue that you will see and you can Google that clue to get ahead and figure out what is going on and what the meaning behind the clue is. So far there are fifty episodes in the first season and the next season is in the works.

Guidestones has been nominated at Geneva International Film Festival. The cast has gone toGeneva,New YorkCity, acrossCanadaandFranceto talk about the show. Although the cast and crew have been acrossCanadaand theU.S., the festivals inGenevaandFranceare coming up in the fall.

Don’t you already feel like watching the series? Well you can sign up at and subscribe to the series. You will receive clues and links to watch the series. With subscribing to the series online you can get hints for the next episode and solve the cliffhanger at the end of each episode before you watch it.

The show is quite interactive in that way and makes it a whole lot more fun to watch!

The subscription version of Guidestones was launched in February 2012, and the on-demand version was launched in June 2012. Make sure that you provide feedback too, so that the Guidestones crew knows what their viewers like and don’t like for their next season.

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