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AisleTracker Mobile APP free on all platforms, first of its kind in Canada

Posted on 31 January 2013 by admin

IFI World Inc is pleased to announce the launch of AisleTracker Technology for public release, at 7 pm on Jan 23, 2013.

Remember how lost you felt when you didn’t find the product that you were searching for among the numerous aisles in a Supermarket? With the help of AisleTracker, you can Select a store, Locate Products and Prepare lists from right where you are as an “In-Store Search Engine”.

AisleTracker is a new free mobile application that will enable smartphone users to glide through the aisles of their local supermarket with organization, enjoyment and ease and is available for free at all smartphone platforms, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

As part of the initial launch, AisleTracker covers almost all major stores in Toronto and aims at enhancing the shopper’s experience, empowering the merchants and bringing an altogether a unique geo-specific advertising opportunity to local businesses, thereby strengthening the entire community.

A first-in-class technology supported by Canada’s National Research Council, AisleTracker simplifies users lives, empowers merchants by redefining the shopping experience – all at absolutely NO cost to user or merchant. For more information, please visit

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