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Is congratulations in order

Posted on 31 January 2013 by admin

With Ontario’s Opposition already putting their demands on the table, Ontario’s new Premier may not get an opportunity to get to the social issues that are of significance. Our new Premier has tough tasks ahead of her in a minority Parliament. She had been education minister, transportation minister and municipal affairs minister. She has a fair population of new arrivals to Ontario in her riding of Don Valley West. In an interview with South Asian Generation Next, Kathleen Wynne stated “Our economic future depends on helping our newcomers integrate successfully into their communities and the workplace. One of my first commitments in the campaign is that we need Ontario’s fair share from the federal government including immigration and settlement support, and regarding federal transfers expiring in March 2014. Ontario is being short-changed by out-dated federal programs.”

 So she understands and is well versed in crucial issues. However, the gas power plant cancellation in Mississauga is a black cloud hanging over her head. Will she be compelled to call an election ahead of time? Will the Opposition be cooperative with her and give her breathing room to at least settle into the Premier’s office?It doesn’t look that way. The challenge becomes all the more difficult when experienced hands on the Liberal side are announcing to end their career as elected representatives. These include Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, Energy Minister Chris Bentley, Northern Developments and Mines Minister Rick Bartolucci and ex-Premier Dalton McGuinty. This could be a blessing in disguise too. Premier-designate Wynne may attract the new Liberal blood to rejuvenate the party that had lost its majority in the most recent Ontario elections. Or, Liberals may lose their minority government in the next elections.

PC leader’s visits to Brampton are clear indications that Progressive Conservatives are gaining ground in the South Asian community of the GTA. With NDP’s Jagmeet Singh’s victory in Brampton, New Democrats are also looking to expand their influence in the Region of Peel.

MPP Wynne has had close ties to the South Asian community living in her riding of Don Valley West. Now she will have to work the same charm on the broader South Asian community of the GTA and Ontario.

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