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Ontario’s Success is Rooted in Our Diversity

Posted on 11 April 2013 by admin

Kathleen Wynne
Premier of Ontario

It’s always a privilege to attend Vaisakhi events. The sea of saffron orange colours — symbolic of wisdom — is breathtaking to behold.

But Vaisakhi is more than just a parade. It’s a celebration of the Sikh nation and a chance to give thanks. And for Hindus, it’s the beginning of the New Year – a time for worship and joy.

As new Premier of Ontario, I know that our society is stronger because of this diversity, because of our shared values of community, hard work and service.

Indeed, as our government is charting the way forward for Ontario, we’re doing it by drawing on the strength of our diverse population.

Our economic future is bright because of the ingenuity, creativity and dedication of Ontario’s people. You work so hard for your families, your employers and your communities, and you are helping us build a strong economy and a fair society, a place where we can all work hard and succeed.

I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved, together, but I know there’s more to do.

This spring, our government is focused on job creation. We want to create the conditions for small businesses and entrepreneurs to succeed. That means cutting down on red tape, helping ease the strain on our transportation system and helping young people and the unemployed develop the skills they need for today’s economy.

We all want a brighter future for our children. That’s why we encourage them to work hard, to study and learn more about the world. Ontario is continuing to invest in world-class education. Class sizes are down and test scores are up; we’re ensuring full-day kindergarten and high graduation rates. I want our young people to embrace technology and science; to learn to problem solve and work in teams.

We’re also dedicated to helping young people find internships and opportunities to become apprentices, so they can learn the skilled trades of today’s marketplace. And, we’re making college and university more affordable – ensuring 30% off tuition for low- and middle-income families and capping tuition increases around the rate of inflation.

A great education system is the best way to ensure a strong economy. Like you, we want our youth to be prepared for an exciting future, equipped with the skills they need to be civic minded, entrepreneurial and successful.

For Ontario to succeed, Ontario cannot be stuck in traffic gridlock. That’s why I’m so committed to improving our highways and building new transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. I want people to get where they need to go quickly and safely, whether they’re driving at work or going home to see their family.

Our government is committed to creating a strong economy – we’re investing in research and innovation, supporting small businesses and building the vital infrastructure we need to move our goods across Ontario and ensure an easier, faster commute.

Going forward, I know Ontario’s success is rooted in our diversity, and that we’re all stronger if we work together. That’s why I’m so thankful for your community and all you do to make Ontario great.

Kathleen Wynne is the new and first female Premier of Ontario.

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