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Will there be a Spring Ontario Election?

Posted on 24 April 2013 by admin

The PC party is pushing to defeat the Liberal minority government before Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa can present a budget on May 2nd over gas power plant cancellations in Mississauga and Oakville.

Progressive Conservatives would like the NDP to support “want of confidence” motion against the government “within days.”

Tory House leader Jim Wilson said “We’re asking the NDP to stop propping up a corrupt government.”

 “The power plant cover-up will probably go on for months and months and months the way things have been going, ” he added.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called PC tactic a political game.

“The last thing people want in this province are political games that are going nowhere just for the sake of headlines,” she said.

In reaction to PC’s announcement that they will present “want of confidence” motion, Ontario Minister of Government Services Harinder Takhar said in an interview with Generation Next that ” the opposition have their rights, they will do whatever they want to do” however “we need to focus on our priorities” which is to present the budget that is “acceptable to Ontarians as well as the Opposition.”

He sees PC’s motion as an attempt to position themselves “to take some stand on it.”

But the question remains, will the government fall after it has presented its budget.

Minister Takhar says that Ontario Liberals agree with the NDP leaders’ demands to lower auto insurance premiums, to reduce wait times for seniors at senior homes, to close loopholes so that larger corporation do not get away with “deductions. “

The question, he says, is “how can it be done and how quickly can it be done.”

He added “we are working hard to make sure that people’s concerns are addressed and some of her concerns are addressed.”

As for Spring elections, “I don’t think anybody is looking for an election or people are looking for an election, so we wanna make sure that the budget gets passed.”

Nonetheless how will Ontario Liberal gain trust of Ontarians with one scandal after another especially the cancellations of gas power plants in Mississauga and Oakville.

“I don’t see them as scandals,” he responded. He conceded that it was “a mistake to put the plants there.”

” We should not have put the power plants” in Mississauga and Oakville. Nonetheless, he says “all parties agree that the power plants should be put somewhere, NDP agreed to it, PC agreed to it .. and there was gonna be cost involved whether we do it or they had done it.”

$275 million cost of Mississauga gas power plan cancellation is the cost of the entire project and not just of cancellation, he stated.

At the end of the day, MPP from Mississauga Erindale says that ” PCs are gonna eliminate deficit in the same timeline as we are going to eliminate it unless they find huge savings somewhere” and their claims of lowering taxes or the HST should be seen in this context.

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