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Fords against the maggots

Posted on 29 May 2013 by admin

It’s probably not smart to call the media “a bunch of maggots” – even when they’re crawling in your eyes and ears.

But Toronto Mayor Rob Ford couldn’t help himself. “Maggots” was the word he used on his Sunday radio show. He flatly denied there was a video of him allegedly smoking crack cocaine, even though simple reasoning suggests there is. (It’s almost impossible to fake these things.) His brother, Councillor Doug Ford, who has denied a Globe and Mail story that he dealt hash back in the 1980s, is no fan of reporters either. “Eighty per cent of [them] are nasty son-of-a-guns,” he said.

What the mayor hasn’t said is: “I’ve never smoked crack cocaine.” And there’s the problem.

His office is a train wreck. Three of his staff have quit or been fired. City Hall is paralyzed as the wreckage piles up.

When you’re in a corner, it’s almost irresistible to blame the media. When you’re the Fords, you play the victim card and accuse the liberal elites and their media allies of being out to get you, despite your tireless dedication to the public interest.

The trouble is, the social elites love this story. So does almost everybody else. People can’t get enough of it. Every newspaper in Toronto, including the conservative ones, is now on the mayor’s case. And for every scold who wags a finger at the media’s so-called gotcha journalism, there are 10 more people who can’t wait for the next instalment.

A lot of people think Mr. Ford should either change or vanish, too. Why can’t he rehabilitate himself? The strategy is tried and true: Repent, throw yourself on the mercy of the voters and hope public sympathy redeems you.

He still believes that if he bulls his way through this, it will all blow over, just as it always has before. If only the maggots weren’t out to get him, everything would be just fine.


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