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Habitat for Humanity Brampton and Mississauga offer affordable homeownership

Posted on 29 May 2013 by admin

An agreement between the Region of Peel and Habitat for Humanity (HFH) affiliates in Mississauga and Brampton (which includes Caledon) has been endorsed this week, which will provide $4.5 million in grant funding to build up to 50 homes between 2012-2017.

Last year, Regional Council received an update regarding Habitat for Humanity’s build program and approved entering into a formalized agreement with the HFH affiliates in their goal to create more affordable housing for Peel’s families. A portion of the $17.1 million in annual funding from Peel’s Housing Investment Plan (HIP) was allocated to support local Habitat for Humanity projects up to January 31, 2017. Habitat for Humanity Brampton and Mississauga offer affordable homeownership to families through an interest free mortgage that is geared to income. The agreement notes that families who may be considered for program participation include those on the Region’s growing subsidized wait list as well as renters in Peel seeking to obtain affordable homeownership.

“As key players in the housing sector, our Habitat for Humanity affiliates in Peel are to be commended for their innovative solutions to help bring more affordable housing to our municipalities,” says Regional Councillor Gael Miles, Chair of the Human Services Committee. “With this agreement, Council can help accelerate Habitat’s build goals to generate more homes for families. We are also inspired by their ability to engage volunteers and corporate sponsors at the grassroots level which also supports a strong and healthy community.”

The funding provided by the Region significantly accelerates the construction schedule for Habitat for Humanity Brampton’s 36inTEN build campaign (36 homes in 10 years) to allow more homes to be built in a shorter period of time. The program now has plans for an 18 townhouse project set to begin in 2013 and a 15 townhouse project to begin in 2015. In addition to the recent grant funding, the Region’s Peel Housing Corporation (Peel Living) provided a parcel of land for Habitat’s Hoskins Square build – three homes expected to be completed in July 2013.

“We are excited about this partnership with the Region of Peel and the ability it will give us to address the need for affordable housing together. We have so many dreams for future projects and this partnership will make them a reality, providing a place to call home for many families in Peel. Together Habitat for Humanity and the Region of Peel will make a huge impact on our community,” says Thomas Fischer, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity Brampton.

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