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Jenita Thakore: Cultural and Social Embodiment of South Asia

Posted on 29 May 2013 by admin

Jenita Thakore has not been in Canada for long, but she sees and witnesses a “Mother Teresa” version of Canada as she believes Canada does not refuse anyone to represent their own ethnicity .. “a nation full of love, affection, peace, harmony and undue respect,” she tells Generation Next.

 She chose to come to Canada not only because of its progressive society but also because it offered a stable growing opportunity through educational and professional avenues. With strong familial background in academics (her grandfather is credited to have brought computers to India) and arts, both education and extracurricular activities are important in Jenita’s life. She is pursuing B.A. in Public Policy and Management.

 Jenita has also been working at Centennial College for more than five years. Currently she is an Academic Advisor for School of Engineering. She has also worked as an International Recruiter and Admissions Officer for International Education at Centennial College. At 22 she travelled to India twice; covering 13 cities, recruiting students, conducting educational seminars and trained an off-shore office of Centennial College.

It is no wonder that Jenita is quite active in South Asian cultural scene. She can be seen on stage or volunteering in social activities. She is also a dance instructor at Nritya Kala Mandir. Her simple response to how she manages time between her work, studies and social activities is “If you are passionate about something it becomes a part of your life and it automatically comes in the working time frame.”

 Having lived in Canada and serving GTA’s South Asian community for more than nine years, Jenita feels that the community has “ made tremendous efforts and progress in preserving our culture in Canada. The feeling of being at home away from home is fabulous.”

 Nonetheless challenges are part of life. She feels that South Asian community deserves better than getting blue collar jobs. This young lady motivates and inspires the community by suggesting that “if we could travel this far and survive, do you think we can’t fight a few more hurdles? The ability to merge and grow together with others is pre-requisite for us all in today’s globalised world.”

 We live in an economy that is harsh on young graduates, and young professionals are not always getting jobs they deserve. In Jenita’s opinion “the biggest challenge a young professional faces is expectations. Working with and for students I have always have to face a thick shell of beliefs they come with even before they are exposed to the real world.. We have tons of educated, well-qualified young professionals in our community but most of them refuse to do something which is beyond their expectation. You have to start somewhere.. It is all about being a Smart Worker and a Hard Worker together.”

As Centennial College’s representative in India, Jenita had an amazing experience. She is grateful to Mr. Mark Coote for the opportunity that enlightened her to being an Indian representing a Canadian institution. “What was more surprising was that people now in India are more cautious and more informed which a positive sign is indeed,” she shares with Generation Next’s readers.

In the next ten years, Jenita Thakore wishes to be a success story not just in financial terms but in setting example for others not just as a professional but also in her persona life as a wife and as a mother.

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