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Do You Celebrate Canada Day?

Posted on 27 June 2013 by admin

Kanwal Rafiq


Majority of Canadian citizens have emigrated from different parts of the world to come live in North America’s largest country. They carry a dual identity, allowing them to experience both the western culture and that of their homeland.

However, everyone’s views on nationalism varies. So as Canada day approaches, I asked some people of South Asian heritage what being a Canadian means to them, and how important celebrating Canada day is.

Gurpreet Pannu:

“I am at heart both Indian and Canadian, so to be able to take pride in both my cultures makes me a really proud person. Celebrating Canada day is important to me because it is one day in the year me and my family can come together and be thankful for the great country we live in.”

Komal Javed:

“I’m initially Pakistani but I was born and raised in Canada. So being a Canadian actually means a lot to me because it’s part of my identity. I have this hybrid identity where I not only belong to the Pakistani culture but am also a Canadian citizen. This plays a big role in shaping who I am as an individual.

Yes, I do celebrate Canada day because it is a day that signifies the birth of our country, the day we became a nation. And it is important to recognize the amount of struggle it took for this to happen. Simply by disregarding Canada day is a sign of ungratefulness, it shows disrespect for what this nation has to offer and some of our mother countries do not.”

Harsimrat Hehar:

It is important to celebrate Canada day if you want to mix in with the society that we live in. But I usually don’t find traditions like these important.

Ovais Ahmed:

Being Canadian is something I take pride in, for Canada is a place I can undoubtedly call my home. It has provided my family with the utmost educational and work-related opportunities. Canada has been so welcoming to not only my family but to all other families who originate from different parts of the world.

Celebrating Canada to me means celebrating diversity and celebrating multiculturalism in a place that I call my home. So celebrating Canada day is very important to my family and me.”

Hareem Naveed:

“I definitely identify as 100 per cent Canadian, so being a Canadian is very important. Though we don’t really do a lot on Canada day, nor did we ever do anything for Pakistan Day. It’s a nice long weekend, maybe we’ll go see fireworks and have a barbeque.”

Ishveer Malhi:

“I would say being a Canadian is important. It gives me pride in knowing that our country shares the same values as many others and me. But events like Canada day aren’t too important to me, especially because you don’t only need one day to appreciate Canada. That’s why I find it an event that just brings people together and that’s about it.”

Haseeb Abid:

“Canada is made up of a wide variety of people, who bring a wide variety of cultures, beliefs, and values with them. All of these people live in peace with each other, and I couldn’t imagine how my life would be if my parents didn’t choose to immigrate here. So I believe that celebrating Canada day is important because it’s the day this beautiful country of peace and freedom was born.”

Canada day is celebrated every year on July 1st to remember the Constitution Act of 1867, which granted most of Canada independence from the British. Enjoyable fireworks, barbeques, carnivals and all sorts of entertainment are held in several locations throughout the country.

This year will mark Canada’s 146th birthday.

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