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Back to School

Posted on 28 August 2013 by admin

It’s back to school time. For some it’s a happy time after a few weeks’ of relaxation, for other’s it’s a stress time with papers due and tests to be taken and to do loads of homework. For parents, it’s probably a relief that their kids will be back at school and there will now be some discipline in their lives in terms of going to bed and waking up time in the mornings.

It’s hard to miss back to school time even if you are not a parent or if your kids don’t yet go to school. Every mall you go to, every shop you enter have big flyers and sales that continue to remind us that it’s back to school in a few days.

It is interesting to watch how back to school sales range from buying a car to buying furniture to buying crayons and everything in between.

 Has this important event of our kids’ life also been commercialized to the extent that we worry that our kids will know about brand names and that they would want them sooner than we would expect them to know about brands and how they lure our kids.

 Doesn’t it worry all of us that our kids would fall prey to pressures of fitting in in terms of fashion and labels and higher costs of these brands. Uniform sounds like a very good idea to keep kids and their parents’ sane in the tricky times when mortgage rates have risen and Canadian household debts are skyrocketing steadily and not declining and when our college and university going students are taking longer to stay at their parents’ home and taking longer to pay off their student loans and debts.

While we are not in any way suggesting that retailers do not market to potential buyers or to make money to grow Canadian economy, however shouldn’t the society be taking measures where our kids do not fall prey to materialistic and superficial aspects of life rather than living a meaningful life.

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