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Musings On The Written Word

Posted on 18 September 2013 by admin

By Nadia Chowdhury


Who does not adore classics? Everyone does.

Okay, let me be honest. I never liked classics. Yes, I might like them now, but reading them in grade school was not easy. Especially when you were on a deadline and you knew that text was on your term papers, which would determine your life because those term papers would carry a grade to be reported on your report card. Which would come back to your parents and then……well, you know the rest of the story.

But you know something? Reading literature was-and still is-a great way to learn about the world. And in the age of super-fast technology, opening a print book could be….a really nice hobby. Having had friends who will gawk if I told them I don’t own an Ipod and feel embarrassed rather that I lament Indigo closing the World’s Biggest Bookstore in Toronto, Ontario, I feel that yes, times have changed.

Nevertheless, it is fun sometimes for me to go and open a moth-eaten book in a public library and smell the smell. Yes, books have a smell of their own and they can be zesty. Yes zesty, for that is how books smell. Like potato chips. Yes, I know what you are thinking-this person really loves books!

Yes, I do and with that kept in mind let me begin by saying that books have been-and will always be-important. Some assume with the advent of visual and virtual technology, reading will decrease-no, print media will decrease. And to a certain extent, this is true.

Indeed, when I visit local bookstores, all I see on the shelves are fading book titles with tomes printed a decade ago gathering dust and dirt. While market sales are a topic worth considering for a separate article altogether, it is interesting for me to see how the majority of these books are not only classics but in some cases, pretty priceless ones too. Even as we live in an era and age of uber-fast, digital technology, it might be true for others to see the monetary value of holding on to books and what economic reasons would warrant holding on to books, you ask? Why Amazon and Ebay and the self-sell tab on both. Great way to bring in extra money.

Although my experiences regarding this field of work (that is, business and education) have been both desolatory and desultory, for various reasons. One reason being that people these days do not want to buy books no more and like many of the people I know would rather spend it on the latest Ipad. Not exactly a bad thing depending on your taste but if your ability to string two words together is lower than your ability to drive a car and murder pedestrians because you are on that Ipod, then baby, you just proved my point. Bok deprivation kills.

No Nadia, how can you say that? Surely you are over-reacting a bit, huh? Maybe I am, but what if I am? I am going to be reactionary if people do not know how to string two words together and that apparently, was what books were good for. And it was not just grammar. Books were also good for taking trips unknown into various different places through the simple flipping of pages and that was-and still is-pretty damn remarkable.

Do people attain that form of wonder with their gadgets and devices these days? That would have to be a separate piece of research and indeed, magic is everywhere, learning is everywhere. Learning with discipline, focus and wonder is also something very relevant. In today’s times, is that possible? Unaccustomed to 21st-century gadgetry, I will never know but in other news, it still good to see kids these days use their gadgets for stuff other than going to a friend’s house and/or accessing social media. How useful that will be, is something only time will tell. And yes, I do critique social media including its different facets, aspects, ratios and measure of usefulness; do you want me to start on it, do you want me to start on it? No? Good. Don’t get me started on it. It will take me till next week to finish. Instead, be a good little reader and wait for my next article.

In conclusion, it was a good experience to rant on books and technology and how the tides have changed for the better or worse. In any case, it’s time for me to go and catch up on 50 Shades of Grey. Have you heard of the book? Its a very educational piece of work. Go check it out, okay? HappyReading!


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