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Overwhelming Support for Hudak at PC Convention

Posted on 25 September 2013 by admin

After the Progressive Conservatives Convention in London, Ontario, at least one thing is certain: Tim Hudak will remain the leader of the PC party until another Ontario election. Election results will, then, determine his future.

Once the amendment for leadership review was defeated, Mr. Hudak said

“Look: this is not exactly a party of wallflowers. It’s what I love about our party; they are not afraid to ask the tough questions. I answered the tough questions. And what you saw at the end of the day was a PC party coming together.”

The need for leadership review trumped up the need to win the election that can be held next Spring. Both the PCs and the New Democrats have talked about an early election, dissatisfied with the way Wynne Liberals are moving ahead.

In his speech, Mr. Hudak addressed questions that have been raised about his likeability in polls and cold personality. He spoke about cutting spending and battling unions otherwise Ontario can turn out to be Detroit.

 “Ontario will have to choose: will we stay on the road to Detroit, or will we go down a different road to a brighter future?” he said.

PCs also discussed policy ideas for the next elections. These policy ideas ranged from cutting income taxes to cutting gridlock in the Greater Toronto Area.

The delegates discussed lowering personal tax rates and reducing the number of income tax brackets to ease the overall tax load. They’d pay for the tax cuts by reducing the number of tax credits that currently exist.

They also seem to be divided on the issue of unions. Some delegates argued that heavy handedness on unions can drive away unionized workers, such as opposing off-duty paid jobs for police officers, like monitoring traffic at construction sites.

At the end of the day Progressive Conservatives especially Tim Hudak will have to work on to improve what one of the delegates described as “heartless, business-oriented, money first, not caring enough about people” image of the PC party.

Liberal MPP Steven Del Duca said Hudak has many years as opposition leader in front of him.

“One thing that came across loud and clear to me is he spent a great deal of the time in his remarks today talking down the province, very pessimistic about the future, which I think is in keeping with the message that he’s been delivering for quite some time. And I think it’s one of the many reasons that people across Ontario have rejected his leadership and his ideas over the past number of years,” Del Duca said.

NDP MPP Peggy Sattler said she’s hearing from her constituents that they voted NDP for the first time because they wanted to see a change.

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