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Brampton conservative MPs don’t want senate to change

Posted on 31 October 2013 by admin

With non-stop scandals from the Senate, Canadians are frustrated by the undemocratic body and inaction from both Conservative and Liberal MPs on bringing an end to a Senate that is unelected, unaccountable and an under indictment.

While all four Brampton area Conservative MPs including Bal Gosal and Parm Gill have dragged their feet, the NDP developed practical steps to bring more accountability to the Senate immediately. As Canadians move towards abolition, the NDP proposed a motion that would have immediately made the Senate more answerable to Canadians.

“The NDP has long called for Senate abolition, while the Conservative and Liberals have been busy trying to protect the status-quo in a chamber filled with well-connected insiders that are unaccountable to Canadians,” said Official Opposition Critic for Democratic and Parliamentary Reform Craig Scott (Toronto Danforth).

New Democrats were optimistic that both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau would listen to Canadians and re-evaluate their use of the Senate as an extension of their party organizations—and support this motion. The NDP sought to end senators’ partisan activities and limit taxpayer-funded travel to activities directly related to their parliamentary work.

“While the Conservatives including those from the Brampton region have pretended to prioritize Senate reform, this vote reveals that they were merely paying lip service to the idea of accountability,” added Scott. “It was particularly disappointing to see the Liberals join the Conservatives in defeating this motion.”

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