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Ontario Election in Spring, Really?

Posted on 31 October 2013 by admin

Do Ontarians have an appetite to go to polls two years sooner than the next elections? One is not expected this year in spite of hopes of Progressive Conservatives. New Democrats have supported Liberals twice in passing the budget, so that no elections were held, and minority Liberal government still remains in power.

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s fall economic statement on Nov. 7 will not be a confidence motion.

“I don’t foresee this to be a measure of confidence,” Minister Sousa told the reporters.

“The measures in this fall economic statement will talk to a number of programs and initiatives that will be addressed in the budget in the coming spring,” he said.

Minister Sousa is expected to reiterate government’s plan of eliminating deficit by 2017-18.

“We’re going to be talking about the ways that . . . we’re going to stay committed to balancing the books by 2017-18,” he said.

 “The people of Ontario are ready for a change in direction and the only way it seems we can have a change of direction is to change the government,” said Progressive Conservative MPP Vic Fedeli.

 “Here we are with 600,000 men and women who woke up this morning without a job and there’s absolutely no plan whatsoever from this government to put any of those people to work,” he said.

NDP MPP Gilles Bisson (Timmins—James Bay) did not sound too keen on having elections before they are due.

“Listen, there’s going to be an election in Ontario over the next couple of years. Whenever that is (then) the people of Ontario will pronounce themselves as to what they want to do as far as a change in government,” NDP MPP stated.

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