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“Osteoporosis” in South Asian community

Posted on 28 November 2013 by admin

Uttam Makaju

An adult male member of my community, who used to enjoy dancing enthusiastically , refused to take part in floor dance in a family gathering. He seemed a little bit sluggish. I asked him why he was so torpid today. My friend told me that because of the ongoing backache, he does not feel well in dancing.

I met another lady from the Nepali community in her forties met at a grocery store. When she was approaching towards me I saw her walking with a bit difficulty. I asked her whether she fell or slipped. She replied that nothing happened to her.

 These are the two instances that indicate lifestyle of people affected by osteoporosis, a disease characterized by low bone mass and deterioration of bone tissue.

In Canada, we receive less sunlight specially in winter as compared to the South Asian region. Additionally, we have sedentary life style in Canada. The lesser frequency of mobility also affects our body system and leads towards health problems.

The severity of bad physical health may compel many to leave the job, leading towards financial insecurity. To break this vicious circle of mental health-physical health-financial insecurity, one must take precautionary measures like updating with health information to cope with changed environment.

Realizing this very fact, Canadian Newa Guthi- Toronto Chapter, a not for profit organization, in collaboration with Osteoporosis Canada, conducted an info session at Downtown Toronto for the Nepalese community.

Delivering a talk and power point presentation on osteoporosis, Ms. Jennifer Weldon, the Regional Integration Lead of Osteoporosis Canada explained the need of information on osteoporosis to help prevent the disease.

Elucidating the vital trend of bone loss, she informed the participants that an individual of 35-40 years age group loses .5%- 1.00% bone. However at the menopause, the rate accelerates to 2.00% -5.00%S per year. She also urged the community members to have Bone Mineral Density(BMD) test after touching risk age group.

General secretary of Canadian Newa Guthi (CNG) Mr. Bimal Man Shrestha threw light on various activities conducted by CNG including preservation of culture and tradition, health awareness program, free tax file clinic and so on. He also opined that this kind of health awareness program will certainly help build healthy communities.

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