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Posted on 26 December 2013 by admin

Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak along with Citizenship and Immigration Critic Todd Smith unveiled the PC plan to break GTA traffic gridlock to create jobs at a roundtable discussion and luncheon with prominent members of the cultural media.

“The biggest issue we face right now is jobs and gridlock costs us jobs.  If people are stuck in traffic it’s hard to close a business deal, create jobs or get shipments to market,” said Hudak. “The first part of our plan is to build new subways and expand regional highways.  But unlike the Liberals and NDP, we will do it without raising taxes.”

The PC plan proposes setting aside money into an Ontario Transportation Trust.  The money in the Trust can only be used to build subways and expand highways.  And it will be open and honest – it will be audited so the public can be sure the money is being put to good use.

“But building new subways and expanding highways takes time,” said Hudak.  “While the projects are being built, we also have a plan to help ease the flow of traffic.”

 The PC plan will use the latest technology already working for other major cities: electronic speed signs to prevent stop-and-go traffic, technologies to control ramp flow, and clearing minor accidents faster.

 “The Liberals have done nothing to fix our gridlock problems for 10 years and as a result the GTA has among the worst commute times in North America,” said Smith. “After all this time they still have no plan to fix the problem.  The only thing the Liberals have come up with is new taxes – they even plan to increase the gas tax by 10 cents per litre.”

 “We have a jobs and gridlock crisis caused by a crisis in leadership. Premier Wynne’s approach will cost you and cost Ontario jobs,” said Hudak.  “The PC plan will work, it’s thoughtful, it’s clear and transparent for voters and it will mean the GTA will finally see these projects built.”

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