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Let’s see how Ford saves Torontonians $50 million

Posted on 30 January 2014 by admin

It seems as if Mayor Rob Ford is to remain in news headlines in the New Year’s too. This time it seems to be for a good cause. He is proposing to save the City $50 million. Of course skeptics and Toronto City councillors are perplexed by his claim. Mayor Ford is yet to share the details of his plan. Nonetheless his called his council colleagues “irresponsible” and “reckless” in raising taxes by about 2.23 per cent.

Ford has previously indicated a desire to cap the total tax increase at 1.75 per cent.

“All we have seen so far is a desire to increase spending. We haven’t seen any councillors present any significant efficiencies at all. In fact out of a slew of motions presented to date only one actually looked at funding savings and every other motion is to increase spending,” Ford said. “This is completely irresponsible, reckless and unsustainable. This isn’t how you run a business and this isn’t how you run your own household.”

Ford has said that he can “easily” chop $50 million off the $9.6-billion operating budget, but he has refused go into specifics on how he will go about that.

As Ford cried foul over the size of the budget, many other councillors expressed concern that it may be too lean.

Discussing the budget at city hall, Ward 21 Coun. Joe Mihevc said the city’s reserve account for weather-related emergencies must be topped up even if it means passing on the cost to taxpayers.

“We have spent a lot of money, over 100 million for the flood in the summer and the ice storm in the winter, and we haven’t topped up the reserves,” he said. “We need to say that this is the appropriate amount that we should be putting aside on an annual basis given the kinds of weather storms that we are having and yes at the end of the day it is us — the public — that will have to pay for it.”

Prior to the ice storm the city had about $30 million in reserve funds to deal with extreme weather; however those funds have since been used.


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