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The Game of Gimmicks: A tale of Sunny’s lost lingerie?

Posted on 30 January 2014 by admin

If recent incidents in the industry are anything to go by, publicity stunts have hit a new low. The latest news has it that Sunny Leone’s ‘expensive, top-of-the-line lingerie’ went missing from the sets of her upcoming film, ‘Ragini MMS-2

The source says that after some scenes of Sunny wearing grey coloured lingerie were shot, the crew was aghast to see the same missing from the sets. `Sunny is extremely particular about her lingerie and likes to wearing the best brands. Accordingly, lingerie from Victoria’s Secret -costing approximately Rs 50,000 – was ordered online,` says the source, adding that when the same was stolen from the sets, the producers had to order the same product again.

The source says that they also had to cough up a premium in order to facilitate early shipping. `Security on the sets has now been beefed up as well in a bid to prevent such unusual thefts,` says the source.

Interestingly, this is not the first time the production house has faced such a problem. A similar incident took place last year on the sets of the film, ‘Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum’, when Sarah Jane Dias was shooting her scenes in Goa. It seems that the actress, who was carrying her own designer lingerie, misplaced the same while travelling from one location to another.

When contacted, Tanuj Garg, CEO of the production house, didn’t reveal much about the theft on the sets of Sunny’s film. `My production informed me of some such incident and extra precautions were taken,` was his reply. Upon being asked about Sarah’s similar loss last year, Garg said, `Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s a coincidence. ` If this is not a publicity gimmick, then the company has to hunt down that someone with a fetish amidst the unit members.

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