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A Visit to Ontario Science Centre

Posted on 28 March 2014 by admin

By Kiran Khan


While going to Iqbal Foods, I had seen the building of Ontario Science Centre. But it never occurred to me to visit, to actually visit it, so when my sister offered to take us (me and my family) to Ontario Science Centre, I was over the moon, forget about the kids’ excitement.

We went on March break, and it was quite busy although we got there from Mississauga at 10:00 a.m. After passing through membership desk, as soon as we walked in, a woman was giving her son a tutorial on billions of years’ old stones, yes billions with a “b” and reminding him of what he had read in the social studies book just last night.

It was a walk through time and history. There were trees and stones and bones preserved that were as old as the earth itself.

And then there were leaves of trees we see everyday but not know the names of. I had to silently memorize some of them in case my son ever asked me what the name of the tree in his school’s play yard is.

 I recall my sister telling my brother-in-law, look at the leaves carefully and remember their names, memorize which lake is where at a map and touches which cities because there can be a question about lakes etc in his Citizenship test. My brother-in-law is supposed to apply for his Canadian citizenship this year (that is if the new rules do not come into effect this year.)

We watched a presentation about flying snake, yes a flying snake that glided through the air for up to 30 meters. When I asked my son what he remembered from the visit at his sleep time, he said flying snake, Sesame Street’s The Body and a large ship that had farms and cows.

No surprise, right?

Kids loved Sesame Street’s presentation: The Body. From having fun at pretend bathroom to buying groceries at the super market to kicking and paddling, it had everything children love and like to do, and yes, they like to do it repeatedly. Moms and dads were teaching their kids about how to use loonies and toonies at the super market.

My two-year-old nephew wanted to tap and tap and tap the screens without having any inkling of what he was doing.

 It became a challenge to get kids out of there and to the exhibition next door, Sultans of Science.

Sultans of Science was an exhibition of its kind. From medicine to astronomy to geometry to trigonometry to optics to photography to pulling out water from deep under the earth, it had covered which seemed like all the disciplines of Science.

 It was so informative and so inspirational that my husband came to tears with what Muslims had invented, and how it has been developed in the modern times. And after seeing a four metre replica of Al-Jazari’s Musical Boat, he vowed to read more about this scholar.

Did you know that hospitals and medical research was invention of Muslims?


Well, I didn’t either. The hospital was called “bemaristan” a few centuries ago which quite literally means, “place for sick.”

 The instruments used in surgeries only about 5 or 6 centuries ago have been modernized so much that it amazes the human mind. But to be honest, the instruments from Sultans’ times seemed quite scary, not that they are any better today, but at least we have anesthesia.

There were models representing how different objects can be created by putting the building material at different angles. I couldn’t get it my high school class and didn’t really understand geometry of it twenty years later. But it was fun to build the model of what seemed like mosque’s minar anyways.

Weston Family Innovation Centre was a place to shred papers and to build and fly paper planes, and to watch ourselves in giant bubble image and much more.

There was so much to see and so little time. It seemed like the end of the day had come early unlike Spring this year.

 We definitely needed Ontario Science Centre’s membership. One day is not enough to explore, see and enjoy this remarkable place. It had things for new immigrants like my brother-in-law, young families like mine and young and old.

And, yes, I did get a membership.

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