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A small contribution bringing remarkable positive changes

Posted on 28 May 2014 by admin

Uttam Makaju


 Many Canada based organization have their projects launched in Nepal. They have focused in different sectors. Some of the instances: ‘NepalAbility’ has been launching project in western Nepal to bring back their smiles of injured people through rehabilitation health and capacity building .

 ‘Nepal Children Education Project’ has been sponsoring underprivileged children for their education and implementing mentorship programs involving local youth volunteers.

Whereas, ‘WELL Nepal’ has been focusing in empowering local women through literacy and capacity building in southern Nepal.

Similarly, an organization namely ‘Nepali Friends’ has been supporting impoverished children in Nepal for their education, whereas ‘Might Pen’ another organization, has been involving in developing creativity of the children.

 SunFarmer, an organization, has been involved in supporting clean energy installation in school and hospitals in rural areas.

 It is assessed that because of the services provided by these organizations , remarkable positive changes have been felt by the beneficiaries.

 In order to bring those organizations together for networking purpose, Nepalese Embassy, Consulate General Office Toronto and Non -Resident Nepalese organization Canada jointly organized a program in Toronto. Charge d’affaires of Nepalese Embassy in Ottawa His Excellency Mr. Dilip Poudel, Honorary Consul General Dr. Kunjar Sharma, NRN Canada president Mr. Anil Thapa and other speakers shed light about the program spoke about the need of this kind of networking event.

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