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Music is the reflection of the time: Natasha Chandel

Posted on 12 June 2014 by admin

Natasha Chandel is the baby of her family, which consists of her parents, older brother and sister-in-law.  Born in Dubai, she lived in India for a year, and was raised in Toronto before moving to the States.  Generation Next got an opportunity to interview this upcoming talented young artist who is also a graduate of Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program.

   Why be an actress?

Besides the joy of entertaining others, there is a lot of self-discovery in the process of putting yourself in someone else’s life.  It fills both a purpose and a need, for me.

  What is it for you? Hollywood or Bollywood?

I love and respect both, but personally, I connect more to Hollywood.  It’s probably only because of my exposure to the culture daily, but I adore Bollywood and still dream of being in a film one day.

   Why do you think many of modern songs are not evergreen songs of the past?

It’s all relative.  I think time will tell what sticks and what doesn’t.  We definitely didn’t think “Hit Me Baby One More Time” would be a classic but now it’s a fixture of pop nostalgia.  But overall, I think music is a reflection of the time; maybe we’re not as deep or connected to bigger truths as we used to be.

   Do you believe art is for entertainment or for social awareness? One can argue that with so much disturbance in life, people would like to enjoy art for relaxation purpose only.

Who says it has to be one or the other?  It can and should fill multiple needs.  There is no one right answer.

   What’s your family’s reaction to your profession choice?

They are very supportive now that they understand it and my commitment to it.  At first they were apprehensive but we fear what we don’t know; now that they know, they love it and actually give me all kinds of pitches for shows and stories etc.  It’s cute.

   Is it a profession where you can make money? 

I’m an actress, writer and producer – there is definitely money in all three and a lot of it if you hit a certain level.  But like any other profession, it takes time and work and skill to get there.

 Do good looks matter? Do they get you into the door?

If you mean as an actress, then simply put it is called “show business.”  “Good looks” are subjective but they help if you want to be a lead character; but there are tons of working actors who are “character actors” with amazing features that fit a specific niche.  At the end of the day, your work does the talking.

  How do you keep yourself fit?

I love working out. I used to dance and teach with Shiamak Davar so exercise has been a big part of my daily life and lifestyle.  I work out at least four times a week, try to eat healthy (but I totally indulge too), and try to do things outdoors when I can.

   How much pressure do you feel to maintain a certain figure and looks?

To be honest with you, I don’t pay attention to my looks so much, mainly because I was a very nerdy looking tomboy that none of the boys even glanced at (unless they were throwing a baseball at me so it’s very fleeting to me anyways.)  As for my physique, I learned a while ago to accept myself for who I am and how I am so I just try to be the best me.  That’s not to say I don’t try because I clearly do and I like to be in shape for myself more than my work.

  How much time do you spend on social media?

I’m a social media whore.  I’m on it through the day but not all social media – I’m more a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram girl.  I love being connected to people and only sharing what I deem appropriate.

   What kind of pressures do you feel as a professional?

All my pressures are self-perpetuated, nothing in my industry has really provoked it but I am an achiever so I feel the pressure to keep achieving my goals and “making it.”

   Is the industry different for men vs. women?

While I don’t like to believe it, it is different.  The entertainment world is a boys club and even more so the comedy world that I come from.  You pitch stories to male executives who only understand the perspective of their life so if you’re a girl wanting to tell a funny female story, it might be harder to make the idea stick to someone who doesn’t quite “get it.”  But, that’s never deterred me.

   What and who do you turn to when depressed?

I am notorious for not talking about my feelings; it’s one of my biggest vices but one person I can always turn to is my mother.  I tell her almost everything. Sometimes I feel like a broken record but she is so patient with me, she’s truly my guardian angel.  I also turn to a couple of close friends, but at the lowest point in my life when I couldn’t turn to anyone I just mentioned, I actually saw a therapist.  It’s something I’m open and vocal about because I encourage people to seek help when they are going through tough times.  None of us are meant to do it alone so don’t.

   Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I get asked this question a lot and it’s hard to answer because I try to live in the moment.  I do have goals, though, so in that sense I hope to be a successful actress and showrunner, healthy and happy and evolving.

   What would you like to change in the world. Do you associate yourself with any charity?

That’s a loaded question!  I do wish we all respected each other more in the world because when you respect others you accept them; it allows you to live and let live and true respect means you wouldn’t do anything purposely to harm them.

 I believe charity begins at home so I associate myself with my family first. There are causes close to my heart but no one charity.

   Your favourite male artist

Eminem – a great storyteller

   Your favourite female artist

Beyonce – do I need to explain?

   Your favourite movie

Might surprise people but “Mr. India” … was magic to me

   Your favourite book

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle – life changing

   Your favourite place to visit


   Your favourite activity

Dancing … by myself

   Your favourite politician?

Barack Obama – so much swag

   Your favourite singer?

Christina Aguilera – that voice

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