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“The CIMA Mayor’s Trophy has become a cricket tradition”

Posted on 03 July 2014 by admin

The 10th anniversary celebration of the CIMA Mayor’s Trophy took place on June 21st at the Sunnybrook Park in Toronto. Mayoral Candidates John Tory, Olivia Chow, Karen Stintz, David Soknacki and Sarah Thompson as well as City Councillor Doug Ford were united in their support for CIMA Mayor’s cricket Program.
The 10th annual CIMA Mayor’s Trophy is a great opportunity to highlight outstanding Toronto cricketers.
“The CIMA Mayor’s Trophy always brings out the top players in Toronto and showcases the popular sport for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts,” said Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly. “The sport of Cricket has been influential in connecting diverse communities, welcoming new players and growing immensely in popularity.
“As Chair of the Canadian Branch, I am tremendously proud of the CIMA Mayor’s Trophy. The success of this volunteer-run event is yet another example of the ingenuity and dedication that is typical of CIMA members,” said Martin Saxton
“I am delighted to be attending the CIMA Mayor’s Trophy in its 10th anniversary year. This annual event has been a remarkable success in bringing business and sport together and providing opportunities for the younger generation to grow and flourish,” said Keith Luck, CIMA President, United Kingdom.” The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is committed to helping young people equip themselves with the skills to meet the needs of business and the CIMA Mayor’s Trophy is a great example of how we provide opportunities for learning and personal development in a number of different settings.”
The Mayor’s Trophy, with the help of a myriad of sponsors and community partners, helps to bring cricket to the broader Toronto community.
“The CIMA Mayor’s Trophy has become a cricket tradition. Like the game of cricket itself in Toronto, it continues to grow in popularity and to build deeper roots in the various communities in this great city,” said Jonathan Dart, British Consul General Toronto and Director-General UKTI Canada. “The sponsors deserve huge credit for the support they have generously given.”
Another CIMA initiative, the third annual CIMA Mayor’s School Cricket Tournament for the CIBC Trophy, was played in May of this year.

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