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Pay attention!

Posted on 24 September 2014 by admin

People have started noticing signs of candidates running for mayoralty, regional council, council and school board trustee on the front lawns, sides of businesses, by the road side and so on. Many residents remain unaware that there are municipal elections to be held on Oct 27th. Even more do not know what the job of a mayor, a regional councillor, a councillor or a school board trustee is.

As citizens of a democratic country, we are privileged to have basic necessities of life, to have electricity, clean drinking water, food, roof over our heads and a system that we trust for the most part. From time to time, we are taken advantage of by people we have put in the office to lead and steer our cities, regions, provinces and country in the right direction.

Therefore, we cannot and should not take these privileges for granted. Power has a way to corrupt people. So on Oct 27th, choose the people for these powerful positions carefully. These elected officials should at all times be accountable to you, the citizenry. However if you, the citizenry forget or neglect your job and obligation to hold these public officials accountable, abuse can and will happen.

And it’s not as if it has not happened.

Brampton city council is under criminal investigation.

 Mayor of London Joe Fontana was charged by the RCMP last November with three offences: fraud under $5,000, uttering a forged document and breach of trust by a public official.

Alberta’s Auditor-General had released a report that said that former Premier Allison Redford’s staff routinely booked passengers on some flights and cancelled them late so the premier could fly alone. It was revealed that Ms. Redford spent $45,000 to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral in Africa. She also spent $3,100 to have her daughter and a friend fly with her on different occasions.

We cited these examples as eye opening instances of misuse of public trust and funds. While these individuals have clearly been at fault. We, the citizens of an educated society are also at fault. We are guilty of not paying attention to what these elected officials do while they are in the office, whether they are just taking advantage of public funds at their disposal or are actually doing something worthwhile.

So, on Oct 27th, vote because that’s how these elected officials know that you care and so they will take care of our funds and our visions.

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